Thursday, March 26, 2009

Science Fair

Well, Rusty took the girls (all of them, by himself) to the Science Fair Viewing while I made dinner (Pioneer Woman's meatballs).

Hannah didn't win, but she did her's herself and I thought she did a good job. Some of the projects are obviously done by the parents which both bothers me and saddens me...but I digress.

Rusty took a picture of Hannah with her project and, yes Mom, I know her bangs are in her eyes. Sometimes it's just not worth the fight. I am hoping to take her this weekend for a haircut with the cute inverted bob that looks so good on her.

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connie said...

Hers is beautiful! What were the results of the experiment?

It's always that way in our homeschool co-op ... lots of kids whose parents obviously did the science projects. I'm proud of my own kids when they do their own, and a friend even assured me that she thinks it's better for my kids to do their own, because they learn that it's not OK to take credit for someone else's work. But it's still hard, when you're blown away by the amazing displays that no one ever mentions were created by dads who are electrical engineers, etc.