Wednesday, April 22, 2009

60th Post, Oh My!

Wow, I can't believe this is my 60th posting. I would give an amazing "60 Interesting Facts About Me" post, but I'll save that for a bigger number (like 61) so you can find out more amazing things about me.

When I came home from my Women's Bible Study last night the girls called me into their room. IT WAS SPOTLESS! What good girls they are. I just told them (well, Rusty to make them)to take showers and be in bed by the time I got home. What a wonderful surprise to have their room clean as well. We are starting the home group at our house this weekend and it is imperative to have a clean and super organized house for that many people to be coming over. So, now I have one less thing to do!! Thank you Hannah and Mally.

These first two pictures are from Tuesday. All I ask the girls to do is water the lawn and flowers in the backyard for me & what do they end up doing? Having fun & then having the audacity to include me in their so called fun. I am such a cool mom.

Water hoses can provide so much fun, refreshment & hours of giggling munchkins!

Really, yesterday after school it was pretty warm and I didn't want to go home and sweat so we headed to our favorite nursery and picked out some pretty (cheap) flowers and some potting soil, went home and started planting. First, may I add that when we moved here we brought our own planters from the other house so we could have those to plant flowers in at our new house. Then upon some fun investigating we have found so many beautiful old pots littered throughout our backyard. I won't need to buy any pots for a very long time!! I didn't take any pictures of them planting because I was helping and my hands were getting filthy so I could just see this new camera getting dirty as well. (ps. I almost spelled dirty phonetically (durty)haha, sad)

Wednesday morning my friend Nena and I threw a baby shower for my girlfriend Celeste (lady in the front with black shirt on) at Marmalade Cafe. She leaves next week to go and meet and pick up her sweet new baby girl from China. This is such an emotional and exciting time for her, and well, all of us as we have been waiting for news of this adoption to go through for four years! This precious group of ladies is our mom friends. We have all just sort of clicked and hung out since our kids were all in kindergarten. Though our kids aren't all "bestest friends" and we don't all hang out every day or week, we have such a wonderful time together when we do hang out. Each and every one of us bring a different personality and outlook to every conversation we have. Without these mommies I think I would really, really not be able to live here!


Today while waiting in the car before Hannah's hair appointment I tried on one of the hats that my friend Shana gave Ava. Ummm, cute!! I was asking them if they knew where I could find some cute summer hats for Ava because every one I have purchased is huge on her. Shana said her little girl had grown out of some of her hats from last summer. Yay, I am so thankful for my girlfriends. See, like I said above. I really cherish these ladies!!

I think this may be my favorite picture. Her eyes are so huge and bubbles are hanging out of her mouth. Oh, and that brings me to another thing. She is starting to drool. Not a lot at all times, but she is going to need to start wearing a bib soon. I think it is so funny in this picture: She has my eyes, but has Rusty's bags/wrinkles under her eyes; Rusty's nose and my lips. It is so fun to look at these pictures and find our traits. I love to look at her and find things that other people in our family have as well. With Mallorie it's my sister-in-laws light freckles on her cheeks and the most random dimple on her cheek. Hannah also resembles my sister-in-law so much. With Ava we obviously don't know a lot yet, but I have noticed that when she smiles really big her cheeks look just like my little sisters did when she was a baby. Of course that could change, but I think it's pretty darn precious.
Just thought I would end on this pic. Cutie. When we were taking these pictures Ava was standing and then sitting (repeatedly), when all of a sudden she sat on the steering wheel just right and honked the horn. I guess the junk in her trunk is finally big enough to do some damage.
Have a wonderful Thursday and if you have a few minutes check out Cake Wrecks blog from yesterday, it was a crackpipe cake. Yes. That's right. A crack pipe cake. Hahaha.....

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You are a cool mom. Your girls are super lucky.

That hat!


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