Monday, April 20, 2009


No, that title does not mean this blog is X-rated today. I am just describing the temps yesterday. 101 degrees was our high for the day. So like I said, HotHotHot, but I love it(kind of). Makes me think of Texas, fondly. For the most part. Texas is really hot. Yeah, maybe too hot.

I just thought it was funny that a mile later it was a degree hotter.
This is how we spent the latter part of yesterday evening. With minimal clothing on & a cool, damp cloth on her at all times. For the most part she was in a good mood, but eating was difficult. It was so hot and every time she ate we both got too hot and she got really upset. Most of our feedings took place in the car in front of the ac. Hannah and Mallorie did their homework out on the back porch where it was cooler than it was in the house.

See, here's a happy face.

Last night we ended up breaking down and buying two small air conditioners for the kids' bedrooms. Unbelievable as it may seem, most people in the South Bay don't have AC because your house can stay pretty cool with just the breeze coming off the ocean, but once it gets into the high 80's you might as well forget trying to stay cool in your house. Today, our thermostat read 91 degrees. There is no comfort in that. The girls and I went to the grocery store and did a little browsing at Home Goods just to get to hang out where there was some cool air, but that just leads to buying stuff you don't need. I'm working really hard at this budget thing!!!

Dark picture, but so cute. I couldn't not post it.

Friday night I was driving to the beach to eat dinner at the Pier and the sunset was amazing. This is my attempt to catch it while driving....probably not the best idea.
At least I was stopped for this picture.

We went to our friends' apartment Saturday to hang out and I gave Hannah the camera and told her to go onto their balcony and catch the sunset. She got such amazing pictures. And yes, this is their view from their balcony. Too bad they're leaving this week because I am pretty sure they're going to miss this view.

Hannah is quite the little photographer.

Here's the silly photographer now. We have an appointment to get her hair cut on Wednesday. Finally!!! She's nine. Nine. I can't believe it. Sometimes I have to keep re-saying it just so I know it must be true.
She is starting to look nine. I guess anyway. To me, she still looks exactly like she did when she was just a toddler. I can't believe we have less than 6 months until she turns 10. I'll most likely cry like a baby. It still feels like yesterday that I had her. What a fun girl. BTW:I don't think she'll ever need lipstick, she has the pinkest lips I think I have ever seen.
Today it's supposed to level out at about 90, so we can definitely handle that a little better than 101. I am really shocked that it ended up so hot here. I am even more shocked that Rusty bought air conditioners. Yeah, that's probably the most shocking thing that will happen for the rest of the year.
Oh, ps...I go to the doctor today for my first postpartum check-up and am not looking forward to it. I have to step on the scale. Yuk. Last time I checked I had lost almost every bit of the weight I gained during pregnancy. I hope the rest has left as well. Other than that, I just don't really want to go. It's never fun. thank goodness my friend Merdie is taking me out for lunch for my birthday tomorrow. I know that will make me feel so much better.
Have a great day. I hope wherever you are it's nice outside.

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