Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New Pics

This post has a lot of pics, some cute ones I have been waiting to post on here for a while and one that took me down memory lane.

I took Ava to the doctor yesterday and she is now 9lbs 2oz and 21 inches long! She is changing so much and is so pretty. Her hair is still pretty dark in the back and is a reddish-brown in the front. This picture is from about a week and half ago, she found her thumb all by herself and I had to snap a shot with my camera phone. This is Brown family tradition, this thumb sucking thing, and I hate it, but oh my it is so cute!
I just snapped this one this morning when she fell asleep on my arm. We're dealing with that awful baby acne right now. It's not too bad on her, but it looks bad. I think I know how she feels, I have been breaking out since I had her. I know it's hormones, but yuck, I hate them!
This week we started supplementing a bottle for Ava. It's still breastmilk, I plan on not giving her formula (have you seen how much that stuff costs?? plus breastmilk is so healthy), but I wanted Rusty and the girls to be able to feed her sometimes. Also at church our nursery is downstairs and I get sick of running downstairs just to feed her, so a bottle will be nice. She takes it really well. I can't say it enough and I am not saying it a braggy way, but I am so blessed!

Here is Ava's first picture. Rusty snapped this right after she was born and I thought I would share it with you. Poor girl is so swollen around her face. Rusty says he doesn't remember her crying at all, maybe this pic will prove to him that she did infact get a little angry. Last night she threw a fit at me. She was hungry and I didn't feed her fast enough, and well, you can guess what happened next. She screamed and screamed at me and when I tried to feed her, she was so mad that I had to calm her down so she could eat without choking. Temper. Temper. To which Rusty said,"She's definitely yours." Huh? You trying to say I have a temper? Nah...

My sweet Mallorie sitting in a tree. My parents came out here and while we were having Ava's pics taken at the house they took Hannah and Mally to the park. Sounds like they had a blast and it was so pretty that day. I think we had 80 degree weather that weekend. I am ready for some more of that!
And here is the memory lane picture I spoke of. My big girls, not so big. I know this was back sometime in 2002, before Mally could walk, so Hannah was about 2 and Mally not quite 1. Makes my heart ache, they were so adorable, but I love having them the way they are now. Even though they have ugly attitudes sometimes, they are so much fun. This past weekend I took them each out on a special "Mommy Date". I took Mallorie by herself to MiMi's for brunch, then Rusty and I took them with Ava to see Coraline. Then that night I took Hannah for sushi. We had to best time. Miss Hannah is quite the conversationalist. There was surely not a dull minute!

I love this big kid...she is so special!
I know there is really no order to these pics, and I am not too worried about trying to fix them because I need to run to the grocery store. I thought this picture of Rusty holding Ava was sweet...she looks huge in this pic. She is not really that big so maybe it was the angle, but he just looks like such a proud Papa.

I took this after everyone was gone and it was just me and Ava hanging out in the hospital room. She wouldn't wake up and eat that first day, so I played with her toes and took pictures of her. She so has my feet and toes. So does Mallorie, and Hannah has someone's, we're not sure whose though! All I know is all my kids have big feet and I think Ava is going to follow suit.

I just love Baby Feet!

Last night Hannah and Mallorie were helping out with Ava while I cooked dinner. Mallorie had her first, and Ava got upset with her because she constantly moves and wouldn't just let Ava sleep. I say this because what I heard Mallorie doing to sooth her made me laugh and wish I had a tape recorder at that exact moment. She started singing Christmas music to her. It worked for a little while. I thought it was hillarious, especially since she couldn't remember the whole song and kept singing the chorus over and over. I wish so much I could remember the song. Hannah did a good job too, and I let her walk around with Ava if she is near me since she is more comfortable and a little bigger than Mallorie. They love to snuggle her and kiss her. Either Ava is going to have the strongest immune system ever or she's going to end up bad sick. I am praying for the first. There is no telling what Hannah and Mally bring home on them, so they do a pretty good job of washing their hands before they touch Ava, but of course there are times when they don't. I can't protect her from everything so hopefully she'll end up staying healthy.

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