Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Funny Ava & A Recipe

I was mean last night and took video of Ava when she was finished having some bellytime. She was ready to eat and it made the girls and I laugh.

Sorry I am a little shakey with the camera at the end.


We thought it was hillarious that she was only kicking with her right leg there at the end. Before that she was on her belly really kicking her legs and even moved her head from left to right, but since we didn't have a diaper on (she was also getting some "air-out" time) I thought it would be rude to post a naked bobo on here!

I also just took this picture. I laid her on Mallorie's favorite blanket this morning for her nap and just went and checked on here and she had worked her way into it like this. (ps. Sorry for the Trader Joe's balloon in the picture..this is not a shameless plug for them!)

I know it's turned sideways...sorry!

Also I wanted to show a pic one of the beautiful pictures shot by our friends at Shabert Photography( . About a week and a half ago they came and shot some pictures of Ava and this is one of our favorites.

I can't believe she is about to be a whole month old. I have to do some kind of special picture to commemorate her monthly birthdays..probably do the baby sitting in the chair pics so we can see how much she is growing. IF you know of another way let me know because I want to do something fun!

I also wanted to add for anyone who has a little one still in diapers, I found Burt's Bee's diaper rash cream and it is awesome. It also has a great smell that somewhat covers some of the interesting stinks that come from a baby! I found mine at Target, we don't have a Wal-Mart close by us so I haven't looked there. It is a little pricey, but Ava is already showing us that she has ultra sensitive skin so I needed something else. The other stuff was not helping with the diaper rash.

Another thing I wanted to add on here is a recipe I made the other night. I found an Amish soup on the web that seemed interesting, but after I started making it I didn't think it seemed so interesting anymore. So I changed it. It's a little bit like Potato Soup, but has an almost gravy base. So it turns into more of a Potato Chowder.

Dice about 6 potatoes and 4 or 5 stalks of celery & Boil them in a pot of water to soften

Here's the "gravy"- In a skillet add 3 tbsp of butter and melt, slowly add 3 tbsp of all purpose flour stirring with each addition (don't have your skillet too high, maybe around medium or a little lower)

To the butter & flour add 3 cups of milk(I use skim, but it might taste better if you use a creamier milk). Add it SLOWLY and stir well between each little addition or else you'll end up with clumps! After you have added all your milk, start adding some seasonings. I used Rosemary, a little Oregano, Salt, Pepper, Onion Powder(since I am out of real onions for the soup), and Garlic powder. I could have used real garlic, but I forgot that I had some.

Now, empty out a lot of the water from the potatoes and celery (leave a little) and add a can of chicken broth, corn, and your "gravy" mix. Stir and let sit a few minutes. Taste and add any seasonings needed.

We added cheese to ours at dinner and we had leftovers for lunch the next day. The kids love it. I know it's a bad deal if you're not eating carbs, but man it's yummy!

Have a good day & SMILE

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Tina said...

love the bow picture of ava :-) and the video is pretty sad that a video of a crying baby makes me miss having a tiny baby
we did the whole picture a month thing, i did the same outfit each month (white onsie/shirt & diaper) with her teddy. have fun, and enjoy every minute!
let me know if you need someone to do annoucements ;-)