Saturday, March 14, 2009

Birthday..Kind of

Ava Rose is ONE MONTH! I know we are having a hard time believing it. It seems like we just had her a few days ago. She is now weighing about 9 1/2 lbs and is around 21 inches long. Big stuff, eh? I put both pictures on here because I thought her face was adorable in them both and didn't know which one I liked better.

We went to the mall and ate at BJ's today. So yummy. They brew their own Root Beer, Cream Soda and Orange Cream Soda. My mouth waters just thinking about it. This evening the girls and I are going to try to make Cake Balls. These are from Bakerella's website and they are too cute. I thought they would be the perfect thing to take to church tomorrow night for our dinner, and I am in such a mood to bake lately. I just don't want to eat what I bake or I am going to start looking pregnant again without having a baby in there at all.

The other night after church we went to Denny's for dinner and this is what Rusty and Hannah were doing to entertain themselves. NOSTRIL FLAIR WAR!! I have high hope of Ava joining in on this serious sport in a few years as they all have wonderul nostrils for flairing.
This is a serious sport incase you were unaware.
Thursday while the girls were at school Ava and I went in the backyard and this is what we found. It looks like Spring is in full form. This is a picture of the blooms on our plum tree, they are so beautiful and are covering the branches on the tree.
While outside I got some pictures of Ava. This is what Ava thinks of me. FOOD....It's one of my favorite faces & it's how I feel like she looks at me most of the time. (Please also notice her nostrils are totally flaired in this picture, she does it all the time, that's how I know she'll be good at it)

I also loved this little profile shot, she is so cute and has such a chubby face. Still dealing with that baby acne, but atleast it should go away in a couple of weeks. I can hardly wait to take her picture in her new Easter dress in the backyard with Hannah and Mallorie.

Ava has also been working out a lot. Her neck that is. She gets tummy time everyday and thinks she can crawl. She looks back and forth and kicks her legs wildly pushing her self forward.

I have a goal to post something everyday. Mom and Dad, Nanny, Becky, hopefully it won't seem like you're so far away! Tomorrow I will post Miss Hannah and Mallorie. Rusty took them to play basketball at the park yesterday, I wish he had taken some pictures, but I will definitely get some next time. I will have some of them in their pretty dresses for church tomorrow and some with little Ava.

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