Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy Monday

My flight is booked. I see Texas in my future. HOT weather and Taco Delight, TaMolly's or Sonic for at least one meal. Please someone, please if you're in Paris you must join me at one of these places. They're our most missed restaurants ever. Mom, Dad? You there? I swear this isn't the only reason I'm coming, but we miss Tex Mex here is Cali!

I did not take one stinkin' picture this weekend (oops) and therefore have no pictures to post this morning. I am going to teach art today at the girls' school, so I will take a few then and some after school and will post them later this afternoon. Right now, Ava smells, so she is about to get a bath before nap time. And then I am going to clean the kitchen.

Umm. A quick note, I made the Mini Cupcake Bites from Bakerella's website yesterday for our church dinner. While they we yummy, lets just say I am NOT talented in the art of desert decorating! They all were eaten, mostly by men and children so I guess that is really all that matters. I saved two for the girls that I didn't put an M&M on in time or were too ugly to take with us, so when they get home from school that can be there snack. If I find what I did with my camera I'll snap a picture of it. But you have to cross your heart that you won't laugh at my Cupcake Bites.

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