Monday, March 2, 2009


While Miss Ava is napping I thought it would be the opportune time to get on here and show some more pics and try to give the "labor & delivery" story.

First off, I decided to show this picture first because I didn't know Rusty had taken it, so when I found it, I fell in love. These two look a lot alike...or at this point have a lot of the same features. Nose, ears, neck, both born with dark hair. I could go on, and let me say she has a lot of the same features as Mallorie as well, but she and Hannah are far more alike in their looks. More little Rustys!

So Friday night, February 13th Rusty and I were working on the house. I was having that last minute nesting urge which I thought was crazy because with Mallorie and Hannah I had nesting for weeks ahead of time and with Ava I had been just wanting to sleep. So anyway, I rearranged the linen closet, cleaned the kitchen, we did some laundry, finished the baby's room and cleaned up the bathroom. I was having little contractions, but they were not regular so I was not concerned. Around 10:30 or 11, Rusty and I laid down in the living room to watch 10,000BC (good movie by the way). I was still having contractions and I think around that time I decided I should probably go pack my hospital bag just incase I went into labor that night. After the movie we went to bed and I was still having contractions and my back was starting to hurt. I kind of thought maybe it's labor, but it may not be so I slept for a while. At around 1:30 or so I woke up with more back pain, so I tossed and turned and tried to get comfy, moaned and groaned, went to the bathroom...standard stuff when you're in pain and your hubby is laying next to you snoring, oblivious to the tremendous pain you are experiencing!
Anyway at around 2:15 after not being able to tolerate the pain in bed anymore I woke Rusty up and let him know I was really hurting & I wanted to go to the hospital just incase. I walked around the house trying to see if the pain would go away, woke up the girls, took a shower, and put on make-up...for pictures dang-it, I didn't want to look as scary as I felt! The girls got up and dressed (in record time) and Rusty got all my stuff together. We got to the hospital around 3:30am and my contractions were still going. When they got me all hooked up the contractions were about 4 minutes apart and I was dilated to about a 4. We called our dear friend Reba at around 5:30 or so for her to come pick up Hannah and Mallorie. During this time my contractions slowed down to about 10 minutes apart. Aggravation! But atleast I wasn't in scream pain while Hannah and Mallorie were still there. When Reba left with the girls we started a Pitocin drip and immediately after that my water broke on it's own. (I also happened to be on the phone with my Mom when my water broke which was neat for her and I since she couldn't be there with me) Well after that everything just started happening so fast! I would dilate about a centimeter in what seemed like minutes. I think Reba had left around 8 or a little after and I was ready to push by 9:15...and I mean ready! I did my very best panting, not pushing, not screaming combo. I didn't even cuss. Not that I do regularly, but labor can bring out the beast in a person.
When Ava started crowning everything seemed to be going smooth, but then her shoulders got stuck! I don't know how long it took or what all was going on, but I know the nurses got other nurses and they layed me back and I had some severe pain going on down below. All I know for sure is I just kept on pushing as hard as I could for as long as I could. I know my doctor had to help her out by hand and Rusty was praying and super quiet. I know he was frightened. She finally came out, but with how fast labor happened and then her shoulders being stuck she was purple, swollen, and bruised. Funny thing though, when they put her on the warming table, she was awake and looking around, but quiet as a mouse. This kid didn't cry. I remember finally hearing her, but it only lasted a few seconds. I didn't even hear her again until they gave her a bath. Our hospital is quite nice. Everything is done in the room with you. Your baby never leaves the room and for about an hour or two you have bonding time where only you and your spouse have skin to skin time with your new baby. It was so sweet. Ava ate and slept and we snuggled.
I personally think it was amazing that she decided to come on her own on her exact due date and she is a perfectly healthy litte sweetheart. Still she hardly cries unless she is hungry or has a dirty diaper. Last night she slept for six whole hours. I couldn't believe it. She never has been confused on her days and nights, so I am truly blessed with that!
Here are some more sweet pics I wanted to share.

This is one of the last pics taken before I had Ava. Mallorie took it, just so I would remember what I looked like, and yes I am in my pajamas!
Here is my sweet girl in her froggy towl after a bath. Which, by the way, she LOVES bathtime.

I liked the sunshine shining through her window and the way it was hitting her. She was being so peaceful when I took these. Girlfriend has some big eyes!

Another sweet one with a little eye contact.

Here is her a good shot of her baby bedding. It's called Willow. It goes so well with her furniture and her peaceful demeanor. She doesn't sleep in her crib at night yet, but for naps during the day I love to put her in there. I can't believe how tiny she looks in there.

Rusty and I went on Friday and bought these pics that go with the bedding. A local baby boutique carried the bedding, but they were asking way too much for it so we ordered online, but we got the paintings at their store. They kind of brought the room together.

Here are two pieces the girls made for Ava and my girlfriends framed for me. I know these will be cherished for so long!
Hannah went whale watching for her class trip this year. Rusty went since I had Ava. I think that made it so special to have Dad go on a field trip. He was also able to go on Mallorie's trip to see a Junie B. Jones play. So cute!
Also, I wanted to show this painting that a dear friend of ours painted and gave us. It actually goes with out living room and we had a perfect place for it. We've been needing something there for too long!

Hope you all have a good week and enjoyed reading all about our newest addition!

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