Monday, February 9, 2009

Baba Ava

Ugh...still no baby. Technically I'm not due until Saturday, I was just really hoping she would come a little early. Last time I went to the doctor she said it looks like little Ava is going to weigh around 8 1/2 pounds. YIKES! Hannah was a little bigger, Mallorie a little smaller, so we'll see how big she actually turns out. I know that is just an estimation so I am hoping she's not quite that big. I wanted to also go without the epidural this time, but we shall see. I didn't use one for Mallorie and I loved the afterwards feeling of having use of my legs. Maybe that sounds silly because an epi gets rid of most of the pain, but some things are worth feeling. My legs being one of them! But if this kid is so big that I'm on the verge of cursing or throwing things at the nurses and Rusty then I'll most likely give in and get the epidural!! Oh, hang on, I'll probably throw things anyway. I might even let a word or two slip, I'm just going ahead and giving myself permission to not worry too much about it. I hate sounding like a sailor, but it's gonna hurt!

Rusty has started calling this child Baba Ava. It makes me laugh, it's so dorky, but I don't care. I think it's so awesome that I think he's more excited than I am about her getting here. Everyday he makes sure I know to call immediately if I need him and that his phone is on. I love it. He is even "nesting" right now. This weekend he reorganized the garage and helped me rearrange the living room. We finished hanging all the art in the Nursery. I'll post some pictures as soon as I get the bedding in mail. btw: we ordered it on Black Friday and it got delayed due to being on back order, now it should be here anytime. It better be, I'm getting grumpy! For real!!! Anyway, I can't wait for it to get here so her room will feel finished. Hannah and Mallorie are so excited for her to get here as well. Mallorie has started asking, "When is that thing getting here?" I was confused and asked her what she meant. She says, "That thing in your stomach." I said , Um, that's your sister." She started laughing and said, I know, I'm just playing.
Seriously, they are so happy. I can't wait for them to get to see her and hold her. I know they'll love having a sister. Hopefully their won't be any jealousy issues.

I have had some amazing showers from my girlfriends and church so I think I have everything I will need. My sister in law just found out she's having a BOY!! I am getting a nephew, yay!!! Rusty and I are so excited and Christmas is going to be such a blast next year. Plus there are several cousins that are also pregnant so there are going to be several babies present this coming Christmas. It'll be a blast!

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sbeudy said...

Well Hopefully Miss Ava will be here this weekend. Would make a wonderful Valentines present huh?!