Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Come On Ava

Alright, so there are no pictures on this post....I'm too pathetic to get up and get my camera and download any. Being 9 months pregnant will do that to a person. I do however have some cool stuff to talk about.
Sunday afternoon I went down to the beach and had some "pregnancy/maternity" portraits taken by a friend's mom who is starting a business. I am always the one behind the camera, so this was a little weird for me to be in front of the the camera and posing, but it wasn't horrible. For the first time in a while I didn't care about sucking in my belly to appear thinner..this time I got to let it all hang out. As soon as I get the website and/or the pictures sent to me, I will post them...if I like them. Nah, I'll probably post them anyway, I think pregnant bellies are so pretty. She has also asked to take the babies pictures for me (or for her website) a week or two after she is born. They were really creative and I am sure their pictures will turn out really great!

I have 3 and 1/2 weeks left until my due date, hopefully she'll get here a little before that, but if not, no biggy, but we are so excited to see her. Hannah and Mallorie are just as anxious as we are. I have lots of contractions, but none of them are the real thing, so I am going to start walking a lot and maybe in a week or two drink some raspberry tea (the real stuff). I know they're old wives tales that are supposed to make you go into labor, but if it's not anything harmful or disgusting (ie. castoroil) then I'm up for it! I might chicken out if I get scared that I'm just not ready yet, but I think it's safe to say that we're all super excited. I have to say this has been the easiest, healthiest and by far the best pregnancy I have ever had. With Hannah I gained so much weight it was pathetic and with Mallorie I remember being in pain a lot even though I didn't gain that much weight. I think because we so excited this time to get pregnant with a healthy baby we wanted to enjoy every second of it & it ended up flying by! (piece of advice for any future excited, it goes faster!)Not that we weren't happy before with the other pregnancies, but considering how young we were, we were always scared about what is going to happen next. So anyway, Rusty and I both are just shocked that this little girl is about to be here & that we'll now be a family of five. I am a little nervous about that, but I know everything will eventually fall into place.

I hope everyone is staying warm. We are, it's like 80 everyday here! While I am enjoying this so much, I miss winter. I like the cool air, but I guess I'll just have to get by and maybe go to the beach and relax one day this week. It might be kind of nice.

I hope you have a wonderful week & ask that you pray for us to have a quick and healthy delivery! Thanks bunches and God Bless.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention one more thing. Today I got a text saying that Macy's was giving away free beauty products because of a lawsuit from 2003. Turns out is was not just Macy's but Nordstrom, and well all kinds of places. I think my sister went to Dillards in Louisiana. So Nationwide there are free beauty products to be had!! Here is a link that explains it:

My girlfriends and i went to two malls and stood in line for about 10-15 minutes each and I came out with four items. CoCo Body Lotion, Vera Wang Princess Foaming Body Scrub, and two different Lancome Mascara.(one for Mom)I was so happy about the Chanel CoCo body lotion because I got the perfume for Christmas from Rusty and I love the smell & now I won't have to use as much and it'll last a little longer since I can put on the lotion too and have extra yummy smell on!

I got to shop without spending any money! And they didn't care one bit about people getting in line as many times as you wanted. I think you were only supposed to get one of each item, which I did, but I don't think they would've noticed if you got more.
ps. I got this pic with my phone, I am still not downloading any pics from my camera tonight. Maybe tomorrow!

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mandijo said...

Hi Sarah & Rusty!! Just found your blog and it's so nice to see your family. Congrats on #3. Your girls are beautiful. Can't wait to see pics of Miss Ava!!