Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Doctor Visit

Baby Update:
So I went to the doctor today and Miss Ava has dropped a little and I am now at about a 2 centimeters dilated. My doctor thinks I will probably go into labor on my own by this weekend, but if not then I will be induced next week sometime. So for sure, I will have a new precious little girl in my arms next week!! I can hardly wait. All I have left to do now is clean the house for guests and make sure all the laundry is done. Other than that, we're ready and waiting. Pray. Pray. Pray. Pray for her to come on her own and that we have a safe and healthy baby girl. Please!
Have a good week & I'll make sure and update as soon as anything happens...or doesn't happen. Hahaha, you never know. She may just like being in there so much we have to make her come out.
Oh and have a Happy Valentine's Day!

Obviously this is the crib and this pic was taken before we had the mattress and stuff, but I wanted to show off the quilt my mom made for Ava. It's so gorgeous I want to hang it above the crib, but I promised I would use it a for the baby. As soon as we have a chance I'll take some pics of the nursery so you'll have an idea of how we've decorated.

Just wanted to show you the cute letters one of my girlfriends made for me. She did such a good job, we hung them above the changing table.

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