Thursday, October 9, 2008


So I am totally stealing this cute fill in the blank from my girlfriend Amber. Thanks Amber..miss ya bunches!

ABC's of ME

Accent: Southern...Texan to be specific, but all Texans now say I don't have an accent anymore and the Californians constantly ask me where I'm from

Bible book I like the best: probably Matthew

Chore I don't care for: Touching dirty dishes (I don't mind putting them away clean, I just hate washing them) and putting away laundry. For some reason, I just do it, fold it and then it just sits there eventually ending up in Rusty's and my room.

Dog or Cat: cats, I can't stand the smell of dogs, I think they're amazing, just have strong gag reflexes, plus they slobber!

Essential Electronics: Cell Phone! It's always near

Favorite Perfume(s): Chanel No.5 and Clinique Happy

Goals: Go back to college for something..what to do, what to do?

Handbag I carry most often: a cute black Fox purse

Insomnia: not with this pregnancy for some reason, I want to sleep all the time!

Job Title: Mom and wife. I also volunteer teaching art at my kiddos' school and am the Women's Ministry Pres at church

Kids: two and a half...all girls. Nine, Seven, & gestating

Living arrangements: Rusty, myself and our girls live in The South Bay of Los Angeles County. Awesome, yes, but I miss the south and midwest!

Most admirable trait: ?? I feel silly answering that about myself, but I'd have to say my ability to LOVE! Pretty awesome when you think about it & it's a trait most everyone has.

Naughtiest childhood behaviour: can't honestly tell, but I do remember stealing a heart eraser from a girl in my class and lying about it. That still haunts me to this day!

Overnight hospital stays: 1. Giving birth to Hannah 2. Giving birth to Mallorie 3. Car accident in 2003

Phobias: spit and dying while my children are young (extreme opposite ends of the spectrum)

Quote: I don't know who said this to me, but I imagine it was most likely my dad... What's the worst thing they're going to say, NO?

Religion: Christian

Siblings: Only One...Becky

Time I wake up: Try to always get up at 6:30, but usually not until 7.

Unusual talent or skill: I don't think it's unusual, but I sing decently & have been told I cut melons well. I realize that isn't a real skill, I just can't think of anything at this moment. I'm bossy, is that a talent?

Vegetable I refuse to eat:Spaghetti squash is an odd one and I'm not a fan of most raw veggies, but I will eat any veggie once it's cooked.

Worst habit: biting my nails, now I keep them "done" and I can't bite them and they always look nice.

X-rays: Probably can't remember them all, teeth always at the dentist, whole body basically after car accident...neck after swimming accident

Yummy stuff I cook: Tortilla soup, tomato mozerella pizza, chicken fried steak, seafood...I'm a pretty good cook

Zoo animal I like most: Elephants and giraffes...they are so prehistoric looking!


ashley anthony said...

Kids: two and a half...all girls. Nine, Seven, & gestating

this cracked me up!

Amber said...

Hey chick! I stole it too..hehe

sbeudy said...

Thanks for your prayers. Cayden is at home and doing so good. I posted a picture Charlotte e-mailed me of one of his last days in INU.

AmyB said...

Hi Sarah! Yes, I remember you! Thanks and Congrats on expecting your third!