Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween & the Weekend

So, there is a lot to talk about. First off, Halloween was a fun day as usual. Their costumes were silly and they loved every bit of the day! Oh and so did I. Rusty surprised me with an Edible Arrangement Friday. I had never had one before, but they always looked so good. So when I got this, I was shocked. #1 that he actually did this & #2 that well, he actually did this! What a sweet husband I have. Thanks Rusty.

Umm, there were a few strawberries missing by the time I took this picture. They were so yummy that we couldn't help but scarf a few down!!

So on Friday none of the third grade classes had a "Halloween Party" and it worked out just right for me to get to teach Hannah's class their art project. We did "Red Poppies" in water colors. They turned out beautiful and it was one of the quickest projects I have ever taught!

Hannah and one of her classmates dressed as the same thing.....except Hannah was a crazy doctor that had accidently stabbed her patient and had blood all over her costume.
Please don't judge me as a bad mommy...this kid loves scary costumes and I hate them, so we have to compromise. This is the compromise. Bloody, yes. Good career, yes. So when you think about it, it's not so bad.

I just snapped this shot of Mallorie while they were having their parade at school. She looked so pretty!

Here are the girls after school with one of their best buds donning their matching tees for the day. I'm diggin' KayKay's hair!

So, at night for Trick or Treating we go crazy with the hair and makeup. No, Mally was never supposed to be a mean or scary butterfuly, but I couldn't find any of my bright colored fun makeup so she ended up looking kind of dark. She's pretty anyway, but with the blue hair it was wierd to look at her.
By the way, I love this pic, it shows off her big dimple. She got that from my Rusty's sister. She's the only other one with it in the family!

See what the hair and make-up does to a pretty little butterfly? Gotta love it though, she's really coming out of her shell!

Here is Hannah, with black hair, not showing her sweetest face. But I guess she is a crazy doctor.

Love this picture! LLOOVVEE these tights!

And here was a little of our crew for Trick or Treating. Aren't they adorable!! I loved everybody's costumes. By the time we went a few blocks they were all so tired they could barely walk. Wimps!
On Saturday Rusty went for lunch with a few of his buddies and it finally rained. and rained. an rained. Did I mention FINALLY!? Here in LA we don't get rain until late fall and winter. It's something we crave and love so much. Well, when we heard the rain coming down outside the girls just had to go play in it. They had so much fun. We even got puddles with this rain. Here are a few pics of when they were just innocently enjoying the rain in the backyard.
Ummm. pretend my grass is really green. Yeah, it's not dead, we've been taking care of it and making sure to water everyday. Oh, and we have it decorated. What you're seeing is an optical illusion of blah...mmhhmmm!
Here are some pictures of after I came out to check on them. Let's just say that they had not been very good. I know they were having fun, but I know I would have NEVER done something like this when I was a kid.
Yeah right!
Is that Hannah?? I can't tell. She was completely covered in mud from head to toe. I sprayed them with the water hose and made them strip down outside. I don't think they cared and will probably do it again next time it rains. Oh well, they had a blast.
Lastly, I have to throw in there that Saturday afternoon we watched the Texas vs. Texas game. So sad. It was such an exciting game. I don't care that the Longhorns ended up losing, I still love
'em. It was a lot of fun watching Rusty jump up and down in the last two minutes and then get mad. Let's all hope there are no more losses!

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The Price Family said...

OMG I cant believe how big and beautiful your girls are!!!! I miss yall!! Jonathan works with Ronald and I think Ronald said yall were going to come in at Christmas...I hope so..YAY