Monday, October 6, 2008

Big Birthday Weekend

So many things to post about! I'll start with Friday the 3rd, Hannah's9th and Mallorie's 7th birthday! I was so glad it fell on a Friday this year, we got to celebrate all weekend. And boy did we ever! Thursday afternoon my Mom flew in to spend their birthday with them, so on Friday morning before school we opened a few gifts.

Here is Miss Mally opening her sweater and hat I found at Gymboree. I am going to be so sad when they outgrow that place, they always have the sweetest outfits. Both of them wanted a long sweater jacket when we were school shopping and I told them no, I figured they could wait until their birthday, and besides it's still warm here.

My Dad, who didn't come out here with my Mom, sent the girls the best card ever. He made it for them, which made it even more hillarious because it's just got that special "Poppy" touch! Plus it had money it, you can't get any better than that!! It gave us all a good laugh.

Hannah opening her sweater. Love to "Ooh" face!

Then at lunch of Friday we checked them out of school early and whisked them off to MiMi's for lunch before our sonogram. They're so obviously tree huggers in this pic!
At our sonogram we found out FOR CERTAIN this baby is a GIRL!! Oh, yeah, another one, but I'm happy about it. I love having girls & they don't scare me like boys do. She's still looking good, sucking her thumb, and weighing in at a whopping 13 ounces! Oh, and she's about 10 1/2 inches long. Big stuff, huh? She probably has big feet too, considering her big sisters' shoe sizes here lately. Hannah is now in a womens shoe size 5 1/2 and Mallorie is almost a 5. I can't believe this, they can almost wear my shoes. I guess that's cool though, I know we'll be sharing soon!

So on Saturday we headed to the Grove to the American Girl store where the girls fell in love. Well, they did, kind of, they loved the store and found some really pretty dolls that they haven't stopped hugging yet! I'm also a really cool Mom and forgot to take any pictures while there, but I think my Mom did and I'll post them as soon as I get them. Hannah chose the 70's girl named Julie and Mallorie chose the girl from the 1700's named Elizabeth. Both are gorgeous!
We also got to shop or "look" for baby stuff at Pottery Barn Kid, which was right next to the American Girl store. I probably shouldn't have gone in there, but Rusty and I both couldn't help ourselves. We love shopping for this baby!

My friend Nena snapped this adorable picture of the girls blowing out their candles at their slumber party Sunday night(no school Monday). I love the way candles look when you have the lights off. The light on their face is great and the soft glow of the light is so pretty! They only had a few girls come over, that's all i could handle, and they had a blast playing games, singing and dancing.

One last shot, I'm never in any pictures with the girls, I'd much rather be behind the camera than infront of it. Anyway, the girls had a wonderful birthday weekend! We all thought it was pretty cool that on Hannah's birthday Mallorie was born, and now on their birthday again, they got to find out that they were having a baby sister. They're so excited. That makes Rusty and I so proud. They're as much a part of all this as we are! They also went to my doctor appt. today since it was just a check-up and got to hear her heart beat. What a blessing to hear!

Have a great week!


sbeudy said...

Congrats on a Baby Girl. They are so precious. Happy Birthday to Hannah and Mallorie!

Amber said...

I didn't know the girls had the same bday! How cool is that?? I would have loved that when I was a kiddo! Loved your pics...especially the one with you in it too! Congrats on the good news that its a baby GIRL! :) Oh--and the sweaters were too cute. LOVE Gymboree :) *Hugs*