Thursday, September 25, 2008

Okay, I wrote out this whole long post. Then I lost my internet connection and wasn't aware of it so when I hit POST, it erased the whole blog. So sad. So I will try to recreate the last blog. It was a really funny blog though and you just can't recreate funny.

I wanted to let everyone know the sex of the baby, but we don't know it yet. This child would not open it's legs to show us the goods. We were a tad bit disapointed, but it just so happens that my Mom is coming in for the girls' birthday next week (same day, two years apart. go figure) and there is a sonogram office that does 4D ultrasounds in Redondo Beach. So while she is here I am going to take her and of course Rusty and the girls and we are going to give this baby another chance to show off. I'll post as soon as I know. I can't wait. I need to shop. We have the room almost completely empty and I am so excited to turn it into a nursery. This is our first time to decorate a whole nursery so we want to make it look great.

School is going okay. Hannah is swamped with homework, but she is doing okay. She is having a little bit of an issue getting things the way her teacher wants them, but we'll get it. Third grade is a major change from the lower grades, the teachers want the kids on a different level. If that makes any sense at all. Mallorie on the other hand is happy as a clam. She loves her teacher and she is really working on making some more friends. That makes me so proud, she is so shy. Don't get me wrong, Hannah isn't having an all bad time, the kid is naturally happy so she always finds laughter in something.

They're definitely happy that their MiMi will be here for their birthday next week and that they're getting to go to American Girl store in Beverly Hills. Mallorie wants the long haired blonde girl that looks like her. I want Hannah to get the Kit doll, she has the short blondish hair and I think she looks just like Hannah. So cute. I can't wait for them to get the dolls. They've wanted one for so long, but I didn't want to spend the $$$ on a doll that would get written on or cut up or who knows what else. I used to do that to my dolls and Hannah is pretty bad about writing on hers too. So I got Hannah a fake girl at Target and she has kept up with it for the last year and it still looks great. Well, all except the hair, but she didn't cut it, it just got messy. I think with American Girl dolls if the hair gets messed up you can take them back to the store and they can fix it for you. I hope they end up really loving what they get. Then Sunday when Rusty leaves for business I am going to let them have their little friends over to spend the night. So basically it's birthday all weekend. I love to celebrate. They feel so special. And considering that they share a birthday, I don't know how long it will be before they start disliking sharing a day so I want to make it awesome for as long as I can.

Sorry there are no pictures this time. I haven't taken any in a while. I had the perfect opportunity the other night. We did a family game night and played Monopoly. While we didn't finish we had a blast playing. Maybe I'll snap away this weekend and have something to post next time.

Final note. I felt the baby kick from the outside the other night. I haven't been able to again, but it was exciting. He or She moves all the time. I'll be 20 weeks on Saturday. HALFWAY there!! woohoo.I am finally also starting to show, FINALLY. In the past few weeks as people(ie:old ladies) have slowly started finding out that I'm indeed preggo, they have had lovely things to say to me. Things like: I just thought you had extra baby weight from the last pregnancy, or I thought you were just gaining weight. How sweet. That's when I've been getting to practice my smile with my teeth while mumbling low enough that they can't hear me as I say stuff under my breath and walk away. I am not mean, they are well meaning, but don't tell a woman she looks fat, especially a pregnant woman. If I was a little trashier I would trip them or make a scene. Nope, I've got just enough class to SMILE. Hahah, makes me laugh now, but definitely not at the time.

Oh, I hope you all have a great week where no one tells you that you've gained weight. Infact I hope you all lose 3 lbs for no reason. (even after you eat the three oreos with milk) Hope I have news for you soon.

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