Saturday, September 6, 2008

Long Time No Post!

Just a few pics and paragraphs to catch you up on whats been going on in the Brown world in the last month. I've stunk at taking pictures or posting for several reasons. Now that the girls have started back to school maybe I can post more often.
So, first off, my in-laws came out here for their annual summer trip and we had a great time. The girls really enjoyed seeing their NanaK and Poppa Ron and especially Uncle Heath. It was a lot of fun. We went to the San Diego Zoo for the day while they were here and I just wanted to post this pic of the girls faces. Mind you, they would NOT look at me when I was trying to take their picture. I hate it when they work together to be rotten to me. But whatever, I take their pics anyway and end up with stuff like this. Mallorie looks so much like me, except the freckles and dimple, but it amazes me how much we look alike!

Then you have Hannah, whom we have started calling Hash Brown because she keeps calling her little sister Macaroni and Cheese, much to her dislike!! Anyway, she is seriously Rusty's clone in the female form. I'm sure she'll end up much prettier than he did, but with her hat like this, it's gonna be hard to tell them apart.
This picture is just too cute not to post. Two weeks ago the girls had their friend Tay over to spend the night. I told them I'd get a fire going in the backyard fireplace and make them some hot chocolate. Well, I actually got the fire going by myself, (with the help of a starter log, but who cares!) and when I went in so they could just have some hang out time, I snapped this pic and thought it was so cute. They're all in their robes telling stories and laughing so hard. Those are the kind of memories that last forever. I love catching moments like this.
They also started school this week. Yay and boo! I love the time I have while they're at school, but I miss them....a lot! Anyway, I better not whine too much or Rusty will tell me to go get a job if I'm so bored. I get to do lot's of fun stuff, so I'm not complaining. So Hannah started third grade and Mallorie started second. YIKES!!! I can't believe how old they are and how much they love school. This morning when they woke up they wanted to go to school. They got over it quickly when they noticed Saturday morning cartoons were on. Anywho, you can't really tell, but Hannah did finally get a new hair-do. It's an inverted bob, really short in the back. I forgot to get a good pic of it, but trust me, it is so Hannah. She looks like a doll, at times a little too grown up, but I have to remember she's almost 9 and I can't keep her looking like a baby forever. However, I will keep Mally looking like a baby as long as I want, she doesn't seem to mind. She still has kissy cheeks and I steal them all the time.
One last pic. The girls went to a birthday picture and while there had cupcakes. I Loved this Pic! She has such a sweet face in this one and it's not too often that she likes me to take her picture, she is so much more shy than Hannah.
So, I go to the doctor on Monday and hopefully everything is going well. I am going to see if they'll do the second trimester screening next week when Rusty gets home from Japan so he can be with me when we find out if we're having a boy or girl. I hit 17 weeks today and think I felt a movement or two today, so that was super exciting! Well, we've had a long weekend and I need to help Rusty pack and get to bed, have a blessed week!


The Pursifull Family said...

HEY GIRL! I am soo excited you found my blog. Now we can keep up with each other. Congrats! That is so exciting. Your girls are precious. I am glad things are going so well for you and your family. Of course, you know I love your parents too (and Becky) so tell them Hello for me! Love, Melissa

Tina said...

WOWZA!! You have one mini-you and one mini-Rusty...both very cute :-)
Love the face paint, and I'm delighted to hear that the pregnancy is going well! I think about ya and check your blog often! Take care!