Thursday, June 5, 2008

Just a Random Post

She's a Starbucks Baby!

Heehee, I'm getting her started young....yeah right, it's hot tea, but I thought it was such a funny picture. It's sad that we have a Starbucks on every corner it seams like here in LA, but dangit' they're just so dang delectible and delicious! They just so happen to have good teas there too, so I don't feel like I'm throwing away so much money and not taking in the billion calories that my favorite Java Chip Frap has in it! Oh and by the way, miss Hannah is WAY overdue for a new hair style and if you have any ideas let me know. With straight blonde hair it can be a little difficult to do stuff with it and she is not a long hair girl. We have issues with the tangles. Anyway, give me some ideas!! The helmet hairdo is not cute!

And here are both of my blonde beauties up in the tree. Rusty took this picture while I was in the house breathing into a brown paper bag trying not to pass out while thinking that today might be our first trip to the ER with a broken bone! Not really, but the tree is so high and Rusty had to put them in it. Hannah likes to climb, so she got even higher. I know I used to climb trees all the time and I loved it, but I don't want them to get hurt...guess I'm just a normal Mom. I'm going to miss this giant tree in our front yard, but I am NOT going to miss the giant surprises the crows leave on my car everyday! Geez, sometimes I am surprised my windows haven't busted with the loads those suckers drop. (sorry, I know that's a gross visual)
Have a blessed week.

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Anonymous said...

I'm 10 and I'm in ♥ with Tall Cafe Vanilla's with added java chips!