Saturday, June 7, 2008

Inside of the House

Inside Tour

I'll try to make these pretty self explanitory and the description of the picture will be above the photo. It's hard to get a good angle inside the house of the rooms, but I thought I got some decent ones.

This shot is me standing in the bathroom door looking down the hallway. Hannah's room is at the end of the hall and Mallorie's room is the door barely showing here on the right and there is a hall closet between the two rooms.

Here is Mallorie's closet. They're the same in both the girls' rooms. Most importantly though, they're huge! This is the dining room which is right off the kitchen and connected to the living room. Two words: CEILING FAN!
Front door. Pretty. Not much to say about this one.
This is the bedroom window in Mallorie's room. I only show it so you will know why she chose the smaller room. Plum tree right outside the window!
Our bathroom. Everythings new. YAY! It's not much bigger than ours is now, but it's layout is a little better.
Still the bathrooms, just showing the other area.
Living room. NO BROWN CARPET! We're so happy to have an airy house. And to have the wood burning stove that we can actually use. The house also has central heat, but I love the smell of the wood, so I'm sure we'll end up using that more!
Here is the kitchen. It's all new. If you've ever been to our house you know there isn't much new in it. This one is all redone and they did a great job. It's not huge, but it's nice and the layout is good.
Just the other half.

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sbeudy said...

Very Pretty. I like the house. It looks like you all will have plenty of room.