Friday, May 16, 2008

WOW, Two in a Row

So the girls had a "dance" at their school tonight. It was 70's theme and I got some great blackmail for the future! I just wanted to post some of the videos and pictures from tonight before I forgot. They also had a hula hoop competition, which Hannah is really good at, so she had a lot of fun. Mallorie played on the playground until they told them to get off and go dance. She had no interest in dancing at all. Although I did get a little video of her later on in the evening.

This was Hannah's scene all night, she was the only one up there by the DJ booth a lot of the time and she was just breakin' it down! The girl has no shame, and I am amazed by that. I would never in a million years danced up by the dj booth by myself. I hate that kind of attention, but it was so cute and we couldn't stop getting tickled. It was like she was putting on a show for everyone and thought she was the best dancer ever!

And here was one of the only pics I got of Miss Mallie. She finally started having some fun, but it didn't last long if the camera was pointed at her! At least she danced for me for a little bit.

And last but not least, I know this video is sideways, but it is too good not to post, especially toward the end. Enjoy.....


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sbeudy said...

Your girls are so beautiful. How have you all been? We are all doing better. I know I am ready for summer to get here. How about you guys?