Friday, May 16, 2008

Beaches & School

All about the kiddos this week. First off, last weekend, well, two weekends ago, we randomly decided to go hang out at the beach and tide pools with some friends. It was so much fun and very relaxing. One of those spur of the moment type days where whatever you decide to do sounds nice. At the tide pools we got to find crabs and well some things that I don't know the names for, but were still cool to see, oh and I must mention the anemones because those are always fun to touch!!

As you can see in this picture they are having a blast, and no I am not sure what is happening, but it doesn't look like anything good will come of it, considering Hannah's foot is about to land square on Mallorie's face.

Hannah won the math whiz award in her class last Friday & Rusty was off that day so he got to watch her get her award. She was so proud of herself & she got all gussied up for the occasion. She makes me smile, I think she was put here on earth just to spread her happiness all around sometimes!

They look so much alike, I just love to take pictures of them together. I think they're adorable. She definitely got her Daddy's smile!

Okay, this is a whole other subject, but I wanted to show you the shower pics from Saturday. It really turned out beautiful, but there is something in the picture I wanted to show off. Have you found it yet?

Well, in case you don't know what to look for, here it is. This was my Mommy's Day present. It's my Apothecary beverage dispenser. I have been wanting one for months and Rusty got me one. I LOVE it! I hope to have large gatherings at my home just to use it. I actually was so happy to have it before Mother's day so that I could use it at the shower. I was really enjoying watching everyone use it and find out how fun it was until I saw an elderly lady take the top off and try to fill her cup that way. Clearly she did not see the golden tap on the front used to dispense beverage, so I rushed over and filled her cup and then stayed and filled every one's cup for the remainder of the buffet line. I would have been heartbroken/enraged if someone broke my new Apothecary beverage dispenser I had been pawning over and finally received!

Yes, yes, isn't it just lovely. I know, Rusty truly does spoil me, but I deserve it. I have worked my hiney off taking care of our perfect children and our house is never messy. Yes, that's right, I'm a big fat liar, but he loves me and we like to spoil each other sometimes. We were so poor for so long at the beginning of our marriage that we couldn't buy Christmas and sometimes birthday gifts for one another, so now we do! Plus, this one time he FORGOT Mother's day and I can guarantee you he never will again! That was a bad year.

~Now on to our Perfect Children~

Don't know why, but I love this picture of Mallie & just look at that wave on the side of her bangs, too bad the 80's are far gone. Her hair just likes to curl up randomly, it's beautiful.

Another capture of Mallie with her snaggle tooth smile. Those two front teeth are finally growing back in. I think she'll be happy. She can hardly eat her favorite food right now, corn on the cob.

Here's me Hanny(her nickname she gave herself as a baby) looking all grown up.

Another one of Hannah. We're in the bangs growing out faze. It's brutal, but her hair grows really fast, so by the end of summer they should be all grown out so we can pull back into a ponytail for softball. I just figure it might be easier for her to play if she doesn't have to deal with bangs in her eyes.

And here are my girls, under the pier at Manhattan Beach, beautiful growing girls. I can't believe how old they are and that one will be 3rd grade and the other 2nd. It makes me kind of sad, but I love having them this age. They are so cool sometimes and they can be best friends and laugh the deepest heartiest laughs you've ever heard when they play. That is what makes me smile in my heart. They just make me HAPPY!

And to end this blog this week, here is a great couple of videos. This is when they make me have a hearty laugh. They are certainly silly. and just a note, you may have to turn up your volume because the waves were a little loud under the pier.

I just love the way this one ends!

Have a great week.



Olson Family said...

Beautiful family!!! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE your beverage dispenser/mother's day pretty!

Just The Mommy said...

Thanks for writing! I LOVE Amber B!! I don't THINK I know you, but we can be blog friends..hehe. I have many wonderful Christian friends from Cali and am praying for you guys daily. You are so right that God is in control and you know what, it may not get any better than this while we are here on earth. We do have to fight for these issues and I am so glad there are people like you there to VOTE. I plan on reading your blog and finding out about ya! Amy