Sunday, February 24, 2008

Few Weeks Too Many

I'm so sorry I haven't posted in so long. I have been putting it off because I haven't had any pictures to post. Drama with the camera. First I couldn't find the charger, then once I did I couldn't find the memory card. So, I haven't taken any pictures in a long time and hopefully this week we can get on that.
Update from the doctors appointment. I had a sonogram done so that they could see how far along I am and well, they couldn't find the baby. Now, I absolutely know that there is a baby in there and I am not worried about it. I have a tilted uterus and that can make it difficult to find the baby in the early months of pregnancy, however later on when you usually have the sonogram there are no problems. So I am going back in two weeks, March 7th, and having another ultrasound done. I have never had a doctor do a sonogram this early and personally feel that it's a bit silly considering they can get women like me all worried and upset that their bodies are not growing this baby correctly. Which is usually not the case, they just don't always find the baby the first time and don't like to admit when they do something wrong or don't know something. It'll probably show itself next time and everything will be normal. I still have not had one day of sickness, foods and smells are not bothering me and my tummy is a little hard.

Hannah woke up this morning with her eyes matted closed, which of course means pink eye, and Mallorie complained that her eyes feel scratchy too. So that was a fun thing to find out. I am going to try my hardest to not end up with it. We stayed home from church today and hopefully Rusty will get home early enough for me to go to work at 2(maybe a little later). I put my two weeks notice in last week, so this week is my last. This job is just too rediculous for me to try to deal with for as little extra cash I was making. Plus Rusty is going to be traveling a lot for the next couple of months and they won't let me off. So, I would rather not deal with it.

Hopefully I'll have some pretty pictures to post this week. It's been raining a lot which means that everything will be nice and green and I'll get some beautiful shots this week.

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