Thursday, February 7, 2008

Dr. Appointment Made

Dr.'s Appt. has been made!!!
It will be Febuary 21st at 9:15 that morning. Of course I'll have to go through all the usual icky stuff like getting weighed and well, you know what else, but I'll know for sure how far along I am & get to meet my doctor. I chose a young female doctor and am looking forward to having a girl doctor instead of a man. Rusty isn't going to go to the first appt with me, since it won't be too big a deal, but later on he'll go with me more often, especially for hearing the heart beat for the first time and of course the sonograms.

Still not having any morning sickness, I am so thankful. I have been told I have the pregnancy glow however!

Also we took family portraits last weekend and they should be in one day next week so we will be mailing them out to everyone. They're pretty cute & totally not traditional, which means I love them!!

I love you all and hope you have a blessed week.

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ashley said...

well, for those of us you won't be mailing pictures too, are you going to be posting them online? i would love to see these non-traditional portraits!