Monday, January 14, 2008

Shorts in January?!?!

That's right, we had a nice warm day Sunday afternoon, so warm that we were wearing shorts & I've had several people say that they got to enjoy their pools! If we were still in Kansas, this would never have happened! Only in LA!!! The girls had so much fun & Hannah got to show off her moves on her new skateboard. I was really impressed! She not afraid of falling, so she just keeps on trying, and now she can stay on pretty well. She says that now she has to learn how to go downhill. I just beg that she wear her helmet, elbow & knee pads...I don't want any ER visits yet!!! Mallorie isn't quite as brave as Hannah on the skateboard, but she has her fun....on her belly and bottom! She inhereted Hannah's old skateboard, it's short and fat so it's just fine to her. There are lot's of pics in this blog so I hope you all enjoy!
A cute shot of the girls together, notice, Mallorie is
almost as tall as Hannah!
Getting them to pose for this one was a little difficult, but I got them to stop running around for just a second!! Sometimes I just can't get over the fact that they are so close to the same size. People are constantly asking if they are twins, which the girls love because they get to tell everyone about their birthdays being the same. It's quite cute!
Here is Mallorie showing off her new toothless smile.
Now I can't resist stealing all of her kisses, she just looks so cute!

Hannah showing off her new earrings. She looks so grown up!
This is our third time to pierce her ears, every other time she'd had some type of allergic reaction; we've tried silver & yellow gold, so this time we went with white gold and so far no problems, for this we are really happy! She thinks their beautiful & she wants to borrow all of Mommy's earrings soon, so we'll see, but I think she looks better with the pretty little studs.

This is how Mallorie skates...nice boots, huh!
She dresses herself now, so there are times, such as this one, when you have to sit back and just go, "huh, what does she think she looks like?" As long as she is covered and we aren't going anywhere, I don't usually care. I figure, when else will she ever be able (or want to for that matter) go out of the house with shorts and boots on? It's not the best look, but it's Mallorie!

Little Mallorie.....someday skater girl

The skater girl giving a big smile

Hannah showing off how a "REAL" skater girl skates!
I know, I know, they aren't wearing their "gear", but I wanted a good pic & all that stuff would have blocked their pretty faces & besides, we only went infront of the house for about 10 minutes, so I figured it would be fine!

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