Saturday, January 19, 2008

Park Day

First off....I had to start off my blog today with this snapshot of Hannah that I took at the park on Wednesday. It just expresses everything Hannah....cute little toot with a little bit of attitude!
Also I think she looks so cute wearing her helmet, knee & elbow pads.

Every Wednesday the school that Hannah & Mallorie attend lets out at 1:53 (random time) and a group of us parents go to the park and let them play for a couple of hours. We all bring some sort of snack or drink and let 'em all just play and have some freedom. This week we went to a new park so there was a lot of exploring which they all loved! There were trees to climb, new equipment to climb, sand to dig in, hills to ride your skateboard or skooter down & so much more. I didn't have one minute of whining from either one of my kids, I think it is safe to say was our best park day EVER!
Here Mallorie and her friend Kaylee are showing us the giant branch they got off a tree. Mallorie carried it everywhere. I guess since the limb was free it was much more fun than the toys she brought! But that's nothing new, all kids like things they find better than what you buy them!
I wanted to put this pic on here just so everyone would see that I DO make Hannah wear her safety gear when she skates. She doesn't go fast yet, but I don't want her to fall and really get hurt and then never try again. She actually has the ability to ride one of these silly things, and I can honestly say I could hardly ever stand on one!

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