Monday, January 7, 2008

More Christmas!

Well, we're officially back home in sunny California, and now that I'm back, I feel like I truly missed it. Not the smog and all the people, but the warmer weather and the views of the snow-capped mountains & the green everywhere. I know this may shock a lot of you, but I guess we are becoming quite spoiled!!!

I wanted to share a few more of the pics I have from Christmas. I am somewhat sad about the fact that I did not get one picture of my visit with my grandmother. I handed the camera to the kids and forgot to take any pictures of them with my Nanny. Well, now I have a goal for the next visit! Our visit was so wonderful, we actually got to stay for a full twelve days. Truly, it was a blessing! Getting up and getting the kids ready for school this morning was not a fun experience for them or was a battle 'til the end with Mallorie....but I won in the end and she did have to brush her hair and go to school, which if you know how Mallorie is, brushing her hair is the most brutal thing anyone can ever do to her. PRISSY!

Mom's tree this year.....quite decorated.....tooooo many presents!! So much fun!

Mean Uncle Jared...probably stealing some kid's candy from their stocking...the shame!
Rusty's younger sister Tiana, wife to the evil candy thief!

Becky & I...looking our best while stuffing our faces...there is no better way to spend the Holidays!!

Nana Kay and Papa Ron on Christmas morning....precious!

I also got to see my dear friends Ashley & Jonathan Price while we were in Paris for Christmas and I got to meet there sweet new baby McKennon. He was absolutely gorgeous....they are so blessed!
Our "vacation" was filled with getting to see so much family and spending time catching up. As a family we haven't been there in over a year and it was nice to all finally be under one roof again and to celebrate! We realized how much has changed since we'd all been together & how many sad times and happy times had come and gone...kind of makes you realize how precious life really is!! Who knows when we'll get to go home again, but I'm thankful for getting to see everyone and share our holidays with them all!

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