Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring Break 2011

Our Spring Break trip to Fort Lauderdale is coming to an end. We decided last minute last week to come with Rusty, since he works down here, that Florida was just what we needed. The weather hasn't disappointed and the sunsets are beautiful! One funny thing that both Rusty and I decided is that it's just like living in California here. Infact, we constantly looked to our left while on the beach expecting to see the Palos Verdes Penninsula that we were so used to seeing while living in Southern California. The streets are so similar that I felt immediately at ease driving around. The only difference was how fast everyone here drives! I mean if the speed limit is 70 on the freeway and I was driving over seventy-five, people were passing me like I was standing still! CRAZAY! We are both very ready to get back to our own bed and back to our washing machine, ha! I took the kids to the laundromat the other day to wash our clothes, it was their first time and they did not enjoy it. But then again, who does enjoy the laundromat. It was the one day that we had rain down here, so I figured that we might as well do laundry than sit at the hotel all day being bored.
Ava has loved getting to see Rusty every afternoon so I am sure she'll go through withdraws from him next week, but it has been nice to hang out with him everyday. He finally got in the water yesterday with Hannah and Mallorie and had a great time. I think tonight we might go back down there and enjoy our last night walking the beach and letting the girls collect their favorite seashells.
Surprisingly Ava is having a wonderful time. She likes the water, but would rather play in the sand the whole time. She fills a bucket with water, puts her little turtle toy in there, then sand, then dumps it and restarts. I'm not sure what is so fun about it, but I continue to help and she has so much fun.
The other day after it had rained we decided to drive over to Alligator Alley. It was almost dark when we got there, but light enough to get to witness a few gators swimming around. The kids had never seen any in the wild so they were very excited. The sunset was just an added bonus, my goodness I wish my phone camera could even come close to catching the colors that were in the sky that night. Florida sunsets do not disappoint! We thought about driving this way again when we leave on Friday and hit Naples and head north, but Rusty and I both have never been to Savannah, GA so we decided to go that way instead. And since it's my birthday, we're going to try to eat at The Lady and Sons restaurant. (y'all know, Paula Deen's place) But even if we don't get to eat there, I know there will be tons of other wonderful choices for lunch on Saturday. I can't wait to walk around down there and just look around.
And one last picture. I found this one on my phone the other day and I just love it. This was one of the days we were going to try to take a family picture I think, but it just turned into a disaster. I love this picture though, especially since Ava is somewhat smiling at me and they both look so pretty. I've been putting Ava's hair in a low side ponytail a lot lately and I just love it! She's so cute, I'm so happy to have daughters. It's too bad her big sisters no longer let me do their hair, or pick out their clothes. OH well, that's how it goes I guess.

I hope you're having a wonderful week. I think we're the last people in the country to take our Spring Break and to be honest I'm sad to see it go. The kids have their big standardized testing next week and I am ready to get it over with. Pray for them next's going to be stressful for a certain little blonde who has not had a great year. We'll just do our best though, she'll be okay.


AmyB said...

I am jealous! Fort Lauderdale is great. And you got some nice pics! Happy early Birthday--you are the day before Noah :)

shannon said...

Beautiful girls. Ahmad just finished a week of standardized testing, and our spring break isn't until the end of April (a lot of school a bit farther north have a mid-winter break in February). My mom and I drove through Savannah many years ago and ate at The Lady and Sons, and I remember it was yummy. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

BIG smiles! Wonderful pics. So glad you got to go w/Rus to Florida & enjoy Spring Break there!HSPPY BIRTHDAY, Sarah. Enjoy your trip to Savannah. If you make it to Lady & Sons, eat some bread pudding for me! You know she puts LOTS of BUTTER in everything she cooks. Love you all. MOM