Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I'm BAaaaack!

The Brown Five are still around and kickin'. I just needed to take a short hiatus for a little while to focus on the kids' school stuff and just kind of hang out for a while. We've been having lots of fun, especially on the weekends when we're all together.
Ava is Rusty's biggest fan right now! If he's home, she wants to be around him. All weekend we hear "Daddy's HOME!" and she's just so happy to see him every week. He's very good to her and always gives her tons of attention and play time and I am always thankful he's home. This kid has become a tornado around this house, so it's nice to have a bit of break!!
Rusty found a place to hunt recently and so we decided we needed to go drive out there and check the place out. I fell inlove with the area. Hilly, green and just gorgeous! It ranked right up there with the cliff views driving around Palos Verdes, California. I mean, picturesque scenery and sometimes it was too pretty to be real. I kept telling Rusty that if he finds land up there to buy, then he better grab it. I would love to live up there. There were sheep farms, which I had never seen, but decided that we would need one, ha. They were too amazing.
The kids have been playing outside as much as possible. We are all so glad that Spring has decided to make an appearance and warm us all up. It's nice to soak up some sunshine and just get all of their wiggles out everyday. Oh, and opening up all of the windows around the house feels soo good!

Mimi and Poppy came to visit last week and the kids got all kinds of love and attention. Rusty got to go have "Man Time" out at his lease and shoot his bow. I got to go shopping and have lunch dates with my Mom and so we all had a wonderful time.
Miss Ava is doing so well. We've gotten back into the swing of things with the potty training and I think she's broken free of the diapers, except for night time of course. She sings all the time, which I just LOVE! I have to get her singing on video ASAP, because not only does she sing, but she does hand movements. I love having a toddler around, she's great comedy relief!
She runs and runs and rides her scooter all over the cul-de-sac. She's getting pretty good on the scooter. It's too bad her bike is not working right now due to a broken pedal, I know she'd be great at that as well.
Poor Mally, ha!! Ava and her play together constantly and love to just goof off. 

Other than all the playing outside and school and work, we basically just like to hang out and be silly. Mallorie had her friends over last weekend and this is what I found on our computer the next day. Aren't they precious?!
That's all the update I have for now, but I will be back tomorrow with more, hopefully. I miss blogging quite a bit, plus I have a wonderful recipe to share this weekend. Hope you have a wonderful week!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the springtime pics & the blog. Loved being in Georgia in the absolutely pretty. So glad to have girl time with you too! LOVE you all.. MiMi

Katie said...

It's good to hear you guys are doing well. Ava is getting so big. She is adorable. Love the pics.
From - Katie and Carlos