Sunday, September 19, 2010

Nature's Waterpark

I wanted to title this “Hillbilly Waterpark”, but I was afraid of offending some of our relatives, just kidding, ha.
We found this place today by accident. The girls wanted to go play at a park we had seen once and we haven’t been able to find since. Instead we found this one and while sitting there watching the kids play on the playground we saw a kid walk by carrying an inner tube. Random. So after waiting a few minutes, because we didn’t want to seem stalkerish, we headed in that same general direction and this is what we found.

First off: Scary Old Bridge. Let me just say that it was so neat seeing this. Sure there was "lovers" graffiti on every beam in there, but it was still beautiful. It had no metal at all, just wood, even the huge nails were wood.
Before you skip on by this next picture I want you to realize just what a difficult picture this was to take. NO, not the shot itself, but the two little punks inside the bridge. Getting them to hold hands was no easy feat! I told them they had to recreate that precious picture I have of them holding hands under the pier in Manhattan Beach, CA.

After making it through the bridge we found water. Small rapids and people everywhere. Kids sliding down the sides of slippery rocks, inner tubing down the rapids and people just sitting enjoying the beauty of their surroundings.
The leaves were so pretty. Not a lot of change yet, but they are definitely starting.
Ava wasn't too keen on the water. It was chilly and she was happy just having her Daddy hold her. But I did catch her getting her toes wet a few times.
This was the biggest waterfall we saw. The girls and I had our shoes off almost immediately and were wading all around. There was a lot of growth under the water that gave a lot of traction for your feet so you weren't slipping and falling. Although, I will admit that we all fell at least once.
We got to some areas that there weren't quite so many people and the views were gorgeous! I cannot wait to go back and neither can the girls. They kept begging us to go home and get their swimsuits, and since Rusty and I are so mean we said no. I mean, it's only a 35 minute drive. They survived and we let them get their legs wet. That's all they needed.
Another picture of them together. I know it's amazing! And the more amazing part is that one didn't try to push the other off the tree. What a great day.

Whoever comes to visit us next, we promise to take you here. In a few more weeks all the trees ought to be brightly colored with reds, oranges and yellows.

Also found out today that the apple orchards around here are open and ready for people to come pick some apples. California was the first time I had ever been to an orchard and I am excited to go back here. And drink a lot of cider. Why else go??

Y'all pray for my sister, Becky tomorrow. She is getting checked into the hospital to be induced, but there is a chance that it may end up being a Cesarean. This baby is gonna be big, so just keep her in your thoughts and prayers for a healthy baby and healthy momma! Oh, and a quick birth! Who wouldn't want that??


sbeudy said...

I will be praying for her. I hope she and the baby are all safe.

Anonymous said...

Awesome post; so glad you found another hidden place off the beaten path. Would love to go to!!
Georgia looks beautiful.
Today is the day Miss Holly makes her appearance. Thanks for the prayer note. Love MOM