Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mr. Mom

Ok, so this is my first attempt at writing on Sarah's blog. I figured since I was at home all weekend with the kids by myself I would try to be like Sarah and go ahead and blog about it. Sarah is on a mini vacation in Oklahoma visiting her sister Becky, brother in-law Kent and newest little niece Holly. (Congratulations Becky and Kent - you did good!)

Today was my first day to have all three kids by myself for the whole day (something my wife does almost everyday I should add). Not that big a deal, right? Wrong it was a day of penalties/false starts to put in football terms.

I decided to take the kids to see a matinee movie at the theater because I didn't want them sitting in front of the tv all day - makes sense, right?. By the time I made the decision to take them to the movies it was nearly 11am and the movie started at noon. We decided to go see Nanny McPhee Returns, so we rushed around and got ready. The kids got dressed quickly (quicker than I have ever seen) and we proceeded to the theater. We made it with just about ten minutes to spare. Upon getting out of the car we noticed that Ava had a really heavy diaper that needed to be changed. I looked for the diaper bag and it wasn't there. Someone forgot to grab the diaper bag before we left the house, I'll let you guess who that was. I blame Sarah. Anyway we went ahead and got tickets to the next show which was at 2:30pm. That gave us two and a half hours to go back home, grab the diaper bag and go get something to eat.

At home, I grabbed the diaper bag and made Ava two sippy cups with juice (mistake # 2). It turns out the more juice you put into a 19 month old the more juice that comes out. After going home for the diaper bag, we left again to go get something to eat. It was a toss up between Chik Fil-A and Little Caesars. Little Caesars won out because of the really low priced all you can eat pizza buffet. The kids loved it as you can see from the pic.

This was Mallorie's plate after she was full. It was piled about twice as high in the beginning.

After we stuffed ourselves to the gills, two more diaper changes and a wardrobe change for Ava, we headed back to the movie theater for the always exciting Nanny McPhee. All was well for about five minutes into the movie when Ava decided she was bored. I also learned that bored for a 19 month old equals thirsty because she proceeded to drink two full sippy cups (yes we inadvertently filled them again during lunch). Hannah and Mallorie both enjoyed the movie very much. I on the other hand spent most of my time between the movie and bathroom changing Ava. She had three very wet diapers and during the quietest part of the movie decided to have a BM, preceded by two I repeat two loud poots that made both older kids giggle loud enough to alert the rest of people in theater. Not to mention the smell was horrible. It must have been the jello breakfast (I'm kidding hunny, she had a pop tart and a chocolate cookie).

The important thing is the kids had a good time. After the movie we went to Ingles (Georgia's Kroger equivalent) and picked up more juice, not kidding, and some TP. The kids ended the day by playing their Wii and watching tv (disney channel I'm sure). All and all it was a good day. Pray that tomorrow will be equally as good. I plan to attempt to get the kids dressed and around for church in the morning by myself.


Anonymous said...

We laughed so hard and now Becky's stitches hurt! You did good babe!

AmyB said...

Good job being Sarah! I just giggled out loud. :)

Anonymous said...

So proud of you, Rusty! Sarah took great pics; Anne Geddes would be jealous! Thanks for taking care of the girls so that she could come see Holly, Becky & Kent. We enjoyed the weekend. Love you. MiMi aka Rosa

sbeudy said...

You made me laugh out loud. I could see you running from the bathroom to the movie. I had to do that with Alissa when I took the girls to see Twilight. Needless to say little kids do not like to sit and watch a movie. Hope you and the girls had a great weekend.