Monday, August 16, 2010

Round House Kick to the Wall

I was driving down the road this weekend and noticed several trees that were starting to change color. It just reminds me why I love Fall. I cannot wait to see the trees here when Fall hits. Or feel that crisp bite in the air in late October. I'm so ready to hear the bands at a high school football game, or the energy in the air at a college game.

Today while we were at a department store buying Mallorie a swimsuit, I walked over to the toddler department and they had out the Halloween outfits. It was just another reminder of Fall. So cute!

Just wanted to share this pic of the flowers sitting on my kitchen table. I grabbed them Thursday from Kroger for $5 and they still look like I just bought them! I figured they'd just last through the weekend and then wilt, but they are so pretty and bright. I love the way fresh flowers can make your whole room feel so nice and fresh.

And next I share this precious picture. Isn't it amazing how feet could #1) get up on my wall &2) make a whole room look dirty?! Yeah, I thought it was pretty amazing, too. I walked into the house the other day and saw this on the wall in the dining room. SO many questions entered my mind. I figure it's pointless to even ask who did it. Like Rusty would even admit it was him. Gotta keep those Ninja Turtle moves alive, so why not practice where no one will bother you in a big empty dining room?
I'm only kidding, I know it most likely wasn't Rusty, but wasn't that a great picture in your mind? He's always telling me stories about when he was a kid and he and his friend Kenneth would pretend they were Ninjas. It makes me happy that I am a girl. I never cared to play such dorky things. I was way more into Barbies. I was so much more refined.

As you probably guessed...I have nothing to blog about today so if you're still reading, Bless Your Heart. I hope you have a nice week. It's stinkin' hot here, but the a/c makes it quite nice.

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