Monday, July 19, 2010

Home Is Where I Say It Is...

We're here.
Where is here?
Well, in Georgia, of course.
The plane ride here (nearly 5 hours) was HORRIBLE! Not because of the pilot or any turbulence, but because of my child. She acts so well at all times. That is, until she gets on an airplane. It's so awful. We purposely didn't allow her to nap while we were waiting to board so that she would sleep on that plane, but even that didn't help. She didn't sleep at all. She hasn't slept on a plane the last four times we've flown. I am finished flying with her until she's bigger. I can't do it anymore. Today I got off the plane with water, apple juice, milk, cheese, crackers and vomit covering me! Needless to say, I smelled.

Rusty and I took Ava to Disneyland one more time for our final days in Southern California. Our annual pass was the best thing we ever invested in while in Cali. It paid for itself with all of the fun we had. While there we decided to eat at The Blue Bayou restaurant in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Overly expensive, but definitely worth it! The food was fantastic and we had always planned on going, so I'm glad we got our chance. The ambiance is just so perfect and truly, the food was amazing. We also got to see the World of Color water show at California Adventure and just like everything else at Disney, it was magical! I so wished that Hannah and Mallorie were with us when we went, but hopefully we'll be joining Rusty on some business trips so we can take them some other time.

There are so many more things to say on here and in my head, I'm already working on a blog about our time in California. I will always have a love/hate relationship with that place. I made some friends who I will always think of as sisters(and brothers) and learned that some people are incapable of truly being a friend. I left there with great happiness and excitement for what is to come, but at the same time, great sadness that we lost some relationships based on petty attitudes. I'll never forget the beauty of the beach, the cliffs, the mountains and the crazy blue skies that surrounded that area. I'll also never forget the ugly parts. The parts like the thousands of homeless in downtown LA, the graffiti covering the street signs and homes, and the helicopters flying in circles looking for criminals. That will forever remind me to thank God for what I have. We learned so many things and grew up so much there. Our newest chapter is beginning and I can't wait to write all about it.

Just throwing this out there because I find it pretty funny. We've had a child in each state we've lived in. Texas, Kansas, and then California. Interestingly, unless God surprises us, I have decided I am DONE having babies. I'm tired. Like, really tired. Three is such a big difference from two. And I know I am blessed, all of them are healthy and smart, but I don't know if I could start all over again. Plus the whole airplane thing has scarred me! And the other part is that I would need to drive a bus if I had anymore. We're deciding on what car to lease this time and I just am not sure. I had a Rav4 last time and while it was a great car, it wasn't much bigger than a sedan. I think next time I'd love to have a highlander or a 4Runner. Rusty wants me to get a big 4 door Tundra. I don't know what we'll do, but I'm excited! I love getting a new car. Mainly for the smell, but also because they're just so darn perty!

Alrighty, I've rambled long enough. I'll be shooting pics of the house and area tomorrow, so I'll post some. I also get to see my big girls again tomorrow and I can't wait for them to run upstairs and pick out their new bedrooms. They're going to love them!

I hope you have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Hey Sarah! I always enjoy reading your blog. Your family is beautiful. Good luck with the new living arrangements. My email is:

~Shasta Beard Hightower

Anonymous said...

New adventures/chapters enrich our lives. We are excited about your new chapter. I am thankful for your Calif. friends & so many places we visited(I love Disneyland) but we are EXCITED about your future in Georgia. Oh, yeah...Poppie & I got to run through the house just like H&M. they were thrilled, we were too!
P.S. We're thankful for the time w/you this summer & loved the chance to have H&M stay w/us!!thank you. Love MOM

Anonymous said...

Good luck.