Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring Break; It's So Over

Well it looks like Spring Break has almost come to an end. The weather's been beautiful all week, we relaxed and enjoyed each other's company, did some fun baking and some beach playing. I had a lot fun with the girls, and truth be told, am a little sad that they will be heading back to school, but will enjoy my (semi) quiet alone time.

I'm gonna miss these girls!

Yesterday I, along with a couple of my friends, threw a baby shower/housewarming party. I wanted to share some of the pictures I captured. We used her yard as our location and went with a vintagy french country "look" complete with lasagna and chinese chicken salad as our food. Even though none of that goes together, it was SO good! Sometimes mixing things that have no business being mixed turns into a very happy mixture. For example my house decor. I have called it old lady chic before, but I redecorate often, so now it's more of eclectic old lady chic. I still have one ugly pink chair from the 80's haunting my house. Someday I'll part with it, just not today.  Does that make any sense?

Sorry, I got way off topic. Where I was going with all of that is that they have these beautiful, lush lemon trees in their yard. Of course I had to use them. I made strawberry lemonade with the secret ingredient being Contrytime Lemonade and strawberries. At Sam's they had the most beautiful Lemon Raspberry cake. Certainly I would've taken a picture. Certainly I would have, had I remembered. Just take my word for it, it was so pretty and tasted so good! Ok, well, here's an afterthought picture.

So, you know how I've always said Ava has the most hilarious eyebrow-skowl face? I finally caught the look on camera today. The BIG one. She looks so mean, but she was just being silly. Hannah was playing with her and I was just snapping pictures. She gave me this look.

Tonight while watching Julie and Julia with Rusty, he said he would enjoy taking cooking classes with me.  ?!?!?! What?  Yeah, he likes to cook, but I would've never imagined him saying he would enjoy taking classes. Especially since what he usually cooks is completely made up. Most of the time it's pretty good. Sometimes it's questionable. Anyway, I told him we would do that someday. Someday when our kids are gone from the home and we have time to do fun stuff like that.

My gosh! Off topic again! I also made my first diaper cake. I was very nervous about this, but it was so easy! I wish I had had more to decorate the cake with, like maybe a topper, but I did want it to be very simple.

During the shower the men had to go find something to do. Basketball was the game. I was the photograher and I must say that the NBA may call me for sideline shots after they get a load of the magic I caught on film today! Take a look for yourselves...

These dudes have talent!
Pure talent.

That was our day today. Afterwards I came home and took a nap. I had stayed up so late the night before and started early again that morning. I was so exhausted. Now it's late, er, early Sunday morning and I can't go to sleep. At least the kids are all asleep and I am getting to enjoy some quiet time going through pictures and watching Man vs. Food.

That being said, while writing this post and watching Man vs. Food (It's the show where the guy goes to different places all over the country and tries their legendary food and at the end he has to eat a challenging food.) I do not know how he eats this stuff. Just by watching, I feel nausiated. I mean, where does a person, er, how does a person, no, how CAN a person eat like that? I'm no skinny minny and I love food, but this is sick. Sick, sick! Maybe he gets his stomach pumped regularly. I don't know. But what I do know is that it makes me want to NOT eat. That's right, maybe this show can be my weight loss inspiration.

Now I'm finally yawning, so I guess I'd better go on to sleep. I hope you have a wonderful day. We're supposed to get rain a little later. OooLaLa, water my lawn!!!

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Anonymous said...

Dad saved the "scowl" for my screen saver! What a look!!! What did you do, mean mommy??? We laugh every time we look at that pic. Hug MOM