Sunday, February 21, 2010

Town Tour & Kid Pics

Since most of you don't live near me and have never visited, I wanted to give you a little tour of where we live. This place is quite beautiful, and since it is Southern California, the sun shines nearly every day of the year. It just so happened to rain last night so all of the smog was blown out of the sky and made for a beautiful day.
These pictures were taken down by our beach. We ate lunch at Joe's Crab Shack and there is a little walkway down by the water. The sea lions were barking so loud and we finally found where the noise was coming from. They were sunning and talking so loud!

As you probably know by now, I have a love/hate relationship with this place. I love the views, living near the ocean and having access to so many things and places. I hate the amount of people crammed in to one area, the pollution, the amount of bad people, the smog, and many, many more things that I won't mention. I think if family lived closer it would be a lot easier to love it here. Either way, one thing I know is that this place has some amazing views.

We went up to one of our favorite parks and this was the view. In the picture above, you can see downtown Los Angeles. Yes, it really is that congested! It doesn't bother a lot of people, but it bugs me! Below was just another picture of the Los Angeles area. You probably can't see it unless you click on the picture to make it bigger, but way off in the distance, almost in the center of the picture on the side of the mountain, is the Hollywood sign.
I'll be honest and say that living here isn't the worst thing I can imagine. We're actually very blessed and I know I shouldn't complain. I just wish we didn't have to fly to go see our family and that our kids could be with their grandparents more than a few times a year. And, even though I hate to say it, we would love to have our parents near us so that if we wanted to have a date more than once a year we could. Grandparents make the best babysitters!.
Just some more beautiful views from today. I love, love, love the cliffs around our area.

Just the background in this next picture makes me speechless. So beautiful!

I took these pictures at the park. If cuteness was wrapped up, this would be what was inside. Oh, I LOVE them! And she loves her Daddy! When he's around, she wants him to carry her and play with her. Sometimes she totally ignores me. But only sometimes. The rest of the time, she's a total Momma's girl.
These girls. They were so much fun today. Mallorie said that today was the most fun day of her life. It was quite busy and all fun, so I can't disagree with her statement too much.
Rusty took these pictures today. I think he did a great job. They loved being up in the trees, and truly, tree pictures are some of my favorites to photograph. Hannah said she would sleep and live in the trees if she could.
These are just a few shots from Joe's Crab Shack that I wanted to share. They got crab legs and as you can imagine they take a lot more work to eat that they are my opinion anyway.
Hannah loved them, and as you can imagine, was almost professional at breaking them and getting the meat out. She knows everything about everything.
Mallorie wasn't quite as sure about the crab. I don't think she liked them very much.
But, I'll tell you who did:
This little girl couldn't stop eating Mallorie's. When she ran out, she was looking for more! We couldn't quit laughing. We've never seen her eat so much at once!

So that was a very long post. I have more to post on today, but I'll post the rest tomorrow. After we got done running around town and taking pictures all day, the girls went ice skating. And, gasp, I went too! It was a school fundraiser, so of course we were there. Anyway, I'll post those pictures tomorrow.

And another big deal to tell about: Ava went to bed on her own in her own bed tonight!!!!!! She's asleep now. It only took about 35-45 minutes total for her to fall asleep. I read to her for about 10 minutes and then turned on her Sleep Sheep and left the room. Checked on her twice and then finally she went to bed. When we went to look in on her and cover her up, she was snoring! So precious!

Whewww, that was a lot. I hope you have a wonderful Sunday!


AmyB said...

Hooray for Ava! Don't you feel so accomplished? :) And your town is beautiful. You are very blessed but I totally understand the need for grandparents!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful blog! Great tree pic too.
Ahhhh....the beach..anyway you can send me some? Hugs to all. Love MOM