Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Little Beach HATER

Ava and I headed down to the beach today for a walk with our friends Isabelle and her mommy, Emily. It was so pretty and the water was almost turqouise. Love days like that!
Anyway, I fugured I would be able to get some cute pictures of Ava down on the sand.
While this is cute, it's the only one I could get. She was terrified. I don't know if it was the texture of the sand or what, but she was freaking out! I have never seen her be afraid before, but this time she wouldn't let go of me or let me put her down. I barely got the above pic because she was screaming.

I guess I can mark beach pics off my list. I really don't know what bothered her, but we'll stick to grassy places for a while longer.
After school today, the girls didn't have very much homework, so they went outside and played. I was in the house, but was listening in on their conversation and I thought it was too funny not to share.

So apparently they were some sort of super heroes. Hannah's super power name was Powder girl. She used baby powder to beat her enemies. I can't remember what Mallorie's was, but I do remember Hannah's boyfriend was also a super hero. He could heal people, but he could also kill them with his eyes. Sounds dreamy!

I love listening in on their conversations and this one was a doosey!
I hope you have a nice Thursday, I hear we are supposed to start getting some rain soon...who knows.

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AmyB said...

Maybe it was a bit drafty out there! ;) Wish I had a super hero with healing powers around right about now too!