Sunday, January 3, 2010

Monumental Occasion

Today we had an exciting first. No, Ava is not walking. And no, Rusty did not offer to go buy me an Audi. (important sidenote: Rusty does work for Toyota, a wonderful company whose cars I love...but Audi's are my hands down dream cars!)
No, this first was something a little different...

Ava got her first ponytail. To say that I think she looks adorable would be an understatement!

Excuse the leggings, they're my favorites!


AmyB said...

Aww!! I want a first ponytail! Noah probably wouldn't care but other people might question my parenting. Like my husband. :) Too cute with the leggings.

Mandijo said...

Love the first ponytail! At our house we call those "boingers" when Lillian has one right on the top.

Ava is such a cutie!!