Monday, December 7, 2009


We got our first rain of the season today. Not sprinkly, little pitiful rains either, it was pouring! The girls got to wear their warm coats, their scarves and use their umbrellas. It was so cold. When I went to pick up Hannah and Mallorie from school the thermostat said 53. By the way, that's cold here. I am sure that all the rest of you that live everywhere else, are having 20's and 30's for temps. I do not envy you.

When we got home from school, we had a nice 30 minute break from the rain and I snapped these pictures because I thought the girls looked so pretty in their jackets and scarves. I just love that scarves are in style and that they love wearing them. I even have one for Ava that some one knit and gave me at a shower. So cute!

Did you know Converse made these cute see-thru shoes? When we bought them I thought they would be fun, but they are so cute and go with everything. We love putting crazy socks under them so you have a fun color showing through.

Last night, Rusty and I hung Christmas lights on the house. If it's not raining later I will take some pictures. He did such a good job and they were all working when they went up. BUT of course, when we got home from church last night a few were out and the ones we hung around our front door had fallen. So we fixed that and now that it's raining he won't be getting on the roof to replace the bad lights. Oh well, it still looks pretty. I'm pretty sure he had a wonderful time hanging out on the roof. Ava loved watching him up there. She kept smiling and laughing.

Just a few minutes ago, the girls hollered(how do you spell that?) that there was a rainbow outside. We tried to snap a pretty picture. This thing was so big and pretty. You could actually see it the full rainbow. It's just so rare to see them here.

And I finally finished this cross that someone ordered. I made three before I liked one. I have three more to make and then I will deliver. I love the colors she ordered and hope she likes the way they are turning out. I'll post pics of them all when I am done.

I am going to go cook some dinner so Rusty can be shocked and think I am a good wife. ha. Hope you all have a wonderful night and stay warm!

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Anonymous said...

I was so delighted that it rained today- no rainbows in La Mirada though, it was too dark all day. Not that I minded one little bit.

Aww, a scarf for Ava? That's precious. Somehow everything is intensely adorable when it's tiny enough for a baby.
I love that nice turquoise cross. Blue IS my favorite color, you know.