Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Little Of This A Little of That

Okay, I just want to let everybody know that I got a sewing machine and all tha' fixins' for a Christmas present. So don't be surprised if from here on out, you all receive beautiful handmade goodies from me for Christmas. Don't be scared. No one will know it's handmade. And yes, I will be completely hurt and disapointed if you don't wear these "gifts" everytime I am around.

I'm just kidding. I would never subject my friends to wearing something I made. My kids are a different story though. Well, the baby anyway. But she doesn't know any better, so it shouldn't be too bad.

All that said, I already made Ava some pads for her carseat (with my Mom's help, she actually is a seamstress). They go around the seat belts that are around her upper body. It always looked like they hurt her neck, so I made something to help. They velcro so they can be washed. I'll take pics sometime. My goal is to make her a cutie patootie little pillowcase dress by the spring. Wish me luck

I took this picture on Saturday. Ava looks so grown up in it. She's almost one! I can't get over it. What I can get over is the fact that she has started throwing tantrums. Oh my good gosh. She throws her head back, arches her back and screams. Even when she isn't mad, she screams at us. Not good! What is funny is that she is mostly always happy and laughing. Thank the Lord. Not good is that she laughs at us when we tell her no. It's all good though, she's a great baby!

Hannah and Mallorie have enjoyed being out of school. Rusty is off all this week as well. He'll be sick of us by Thursday. That's tomorrow...

We were all so sad that MiMi and Poppie went home Monday. We got to have MiMi here for two whole weeks. Even though they felt they wore their welcome out, they did not! We are so lonely for family out here, so having them here was quite the blessing. Not to mention that she totally helped me get completely caught up on laundry! Thank you Mom!

I can't believe that 2009 has pretty much come to an end. It's been a busy year, but a very blessed one. Economically, a lot of people have hurt this year, I don't know many people who haven't been affected. Family wise, thankfully we haven't had quite the sadness we had last year. Adding Ava and Tyler to our family has been wonderful and we couldn't have asked for more of a blessing! I pray for more blessings in 2010 and hope that you remember the good things that happened in 2009 and try to not focus on the negative.

Sorry this was a here and there kind of post, but we're so boring that I don't have anything to talk about. That and I haven't taken any pictures in the past few days. Look for some soon! I hope you have a wonderful New Years Eve. Please be safe.

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