Sunday, November 22, 2009

PW=Fun Night

I went to Border's tonight for the Pioneer Woman book signing. It was a long afternoon, but such fun. She really is extremely pretty and so gracious. Mallorie also had a lot of fun and got her own autograph that she wants to frame with this pic. She said she'd go to a book signing again because it's so fun.

Ava was pretty horrible while we were there, but she did sleep for a little while. The lady behind me was really nice and held my place while I went and fed Ava, which helped a lot and calmed her down for the rest of the day. So, thankfully, all the people there were super sweet and understanding and didn't mind Ava acting like a pill for part of the afternoon.

I couldn't believe how many people ended up showing up. I went at 3pm and bought my book and asked what was going to go on with the lining up and stuff. I got a bracelet and once I got back at 4, I was glad I went early and got my bracelet. They gave out different colors. Yellow went first, then pink and then purple. I had yellow. Whew...When we left, there were still lots of people lined up.

Sadly, she didn't have any of her family there with her. I was really hoping to see her cutie pie kiddos, but it was fun just meeting her. She was staying to sign every book. I don't know how she did it. A lot of people there had six or seven books at a time for her to sign. Poor woman...I know she must be pooped!

*Oh, and I forgot to mention she did her Ethel Merman impersonation (sp?) and it was really funny.

Anyway, Rusty and I went through the book tonight when I got home and he was having a good time reading all of the stories she tells and looking at all of the pics. It reminded him of his life growing up. Well, except he wasn't on a ranch, but working cows and hay and just the beauty of the country. Hmmmm, now he wants to move to Oklahoma even more. Why Oklahoma? We don't know, we've always just loved it there.

Well, only a few days until Thanksgiving. Hope you're ready to gain 10 pounds. You know you're going to! ha.
Have a blessed week.

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Anonymous said...

So great! I hope Jen Yates (from Cake Wrecks) comes to town sometime!