Saturday, October 10, 2009

Smiles Everywhere

Every once in a while on one of Rusty's off days while the girls are in school, we like to go out for brunch dates. Friday we did just that, but these days it's not just the two of us anymore. We took Ava. We got to enjoy some time with Ava and feed her some "big girl" food. She got small potatoes and a scrambled egg white. Yummy!
Oops! I haven't told her about not showing her food when she eats yet. I guess she still has some bad manners!

But I can handle the bad manners when this is my reward when all I do is smile at her:
This cheese smile is our favorite face.

This is what she does a lot of the rest of the time:
Who knows what she's looking at. Kid's see all kinds of things we are often too busy to look at!
Friday night we also went to Disneyland to hang out and ride a few rides. It was so packed. Seriously, they ended up putting up signs outside the park that Disneyland was filled to capacity. I can't even imagine the number of people it would have to take to fill up Disney!
She was so good, as usual. She got to ride Pirates of the Caribbean, The Toy Story ride, and lots of other stuff. Oh and we watched Honey I Shrunk the Audience in 3D because we've heard rumors it is not going to be there much longer and I wanted the girls to watch it so maybe they'd remember it. That was such a great movie and one that I remember so well from my childhood. Dorky, yes, but so awesome for it's time.
Speaking of the girls, you're probably wondering why there are no pics of them. Well, for some aggravating reason, every picture I took of them it turned out horrible. The best one I got was this one:
Don't they look like they LOVE one another. They sure didn't show it all night. All they did was pick on one another or fuss. Especially the oldest. Anything, and I mean anything, Mallorie did, Hannah was ready to beat her up. It got annoying really fast.
Anyway, just part of being siblings. Today they're being much better so I won't complain.
We are letting a few of the girls' friends spend the night tomorrow so we have been out in the backyard today making it look pretty. We hung Christmas lights from the trees back there, hung some of their dress up fairy and butterfly wings in the trees and all I have left to do is clean off the table out there and put a table cloth on it and I'll be all finished. They're going to paint small pumpkins, roast marshmallows, decorate cookies to take home to their families and who knows what else. I loved having slumber parties as a kid and I hope my girls are having fun as well. I'll post some pictures of the decoration know, if I remember, ha! You know how that goes.
I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. It actually feels like fall out here in LA right now so I am extremely happy. This is my favorite time of year and I am just itching to buy a whole bunch of pumpkins to decorate my house. I bought a Yankee candle the other day that smells amazing and makes our house smell like the Holidays.
I guess the only thing I am not completely excited about is football being back on. I will watch it with Rusty, but only if I know who is playing or it's a team playing against OU. Just because they need to lose. Sorry Okie family, but they do!
Well, I better go. I have a lot of baking to do and a baby who is terrorizing my house. Have a good Sunday!

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