Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Birthday Weekend

The girls had a wonderful birthday. MiMi was here, we went to Disneyland, and got to buy all kinds of junk they'll never use again. So all in all, it was a huge success!
Mom and I played Bunco Friday night, which by the way, we lost. But that's beside the point. Point is, I took the girls with me so that Rusty could go shopping for presents. Now, mind you, at this point we hadn't bought them anything. I don't know why. We were just being slackers.
Anyway, when we all got home that night I went to see what Rusty got them so that I could wrap it.
He did pretty good. He got them Webkinz, candy and gum for Disney that day, sunscreen and lip gloss. He was making a "Disney Fun Bag" kind of present so that they could carry all their money and accessories around Disney.

It was impossible to wrap so we put everything into the bags he bought them. He got them FANNY PACKS! I couldn't believe that's what he got them. There so, ugh, so, early 90's. But...wouldn't you know, the girls loved them. Ha, that's what I get for chastising him for the dorky fanny packs.
When Mallorie found out what they were called, she forbid us from calling them that. Instead she wanted us to call them something else. I went down the line of horrible names (ie:waste bag, fanny bag, butt bag) and so we ended up calling them pouches. She didn't like any of the names I came up with. Can you believe that?
All day long at Disney I kept calling them Fanny Bags and she would turn around and tell me to shoosh. I couldn't stop myself. She's too funny!
This little munchkin had a wonderful time at Disney. She was able to ride most of the rides which meant I got to ride most of the rides. Her favorite was the carousel.
These pictures are in no particular order, but I needed to show you this. Mallorie was playing in the back yard the other day and out there we have this old bench that no one can sit on because it kind of leans to the side. Well, she colored it with her chalk and I just fell in love with the way it turned out! I told her if we ever have a one in our own backyard, she was painting it!!
I got this cake idea/recipe off of My Charming Kids blog. When I saw it, I knew I had to make it for my girls. This cake took me FOREVER, but I had a blast making it and would make a hundred more. Well, minus the frosting maybe. Don't get me wrong, the 2 sticks of butter, 4 pckgs of cream cheese and 5 cups of powdered sugar were tasty. But OH MY GOSH! I'd rather have a light topping than something like that ever again. It was way too rich. I don't know what I was thinking following the recipe, but it did turn out beautiful, and the kids loved it-mine and my friends' kids for afternoon snack. I had to get rid of it somehow.
Before MiMi left to head home to Texas we ran down to the beach so she could get a whiff of the stink, I mean, fresh ocean air and hear the waves. The wind decided to blow a million miles an hour, so all of our pictures look like this:
But we don't care. It feels like fall now and that cool breeze is a wonderful break from the hot wind we've been having from summer.
See, I'm tellin' ya. These pictures are all out of order and I am so tired and ready for bed that I don't care. Usually I fix them, but not this time. I figure everyone will get over it.
We took MiMi on the Teacups, but we weren't allowed to spin very fast. It was fun anyway and somehow we smooshed all 6 of us in one of these and managed to have a lot of fun.
Please excuse the awful "cheese" behind this adorable baby. This was very exciting for me. She LOVED riding the horse on the carousel. There was no fussing or trying to climb off. I was so impressed. We're taking them back tomorrow, so I know we'll be riding this again. And probably again and again after that.
I'll post more later. I have to go to bed. I have another long day tomorrow and even more work to do. Rusty was being all nice earlier and told me he would let me sleep in the morning and that he would take the girls to school. Yeah right! I have to go up there anyway for a meeting and do some work. It sure was a nice gesture though and hopefully I can take him up on that offer in a couple of weeks when he's off work again.
I hope you have a wonderful Friday and an even better weekend. I am singing a solo Sunday, so pray for me. I haven't done this in about a year and I know I will be nervous. It's a good thing I haven't practiced the song yet, don't you think? I have sung this particular song several times, so I know it by heart, but I always get close to heart attack stressed out when I have to sing solos. So really, please pray for me! :)

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AmyB said...

That is the coolest cake ever! If it would work for a boy, I would totally try to make it!