Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Rain, Rain, Don't Go Away

Guess what we got today?

After many, many dry months, we finally got a good soakin'!! I guess you could call it the beginning of our rainy season!! To this, we say, Hooray!!!!!!!!

However, there are those people/morons, who can't help but to complain. No matter what the weather. During the summer and it's hot and dry they complain that we're in a drought. If it rains they say it's too much rain.

Throughout the entire year, we here in southern California have the mildest temperatures I have ever seen. Perfect weather all summer for hitting the beach or playing at the park. You never have to worry about getting rained out. During the fall and winter, we get rain instead of snow. It's glorious. It makes you want to start a fire in your fire place and cook soup and snuggle.

During any of these times though, you have to be very careful about turning on the news. If you do, you run the risk of them ruining your happy day. If we get a sprinkle, then watch out! Here comes Doppler 7000 to track the mean ol' rain that will be ruining their day and causing millions of dollars in damage due to mudslides for the morons who live on the side of a hill. The side of a hill mind you that runs the risk every year of a mud slide. They move there knowing there will likely be a slide. What do you even say to something like that?? It's like saying I am going out in the rain, but I don't want to get wet.

Sorry, I was watching the news. It's disturbing.

Our day was pretty uneventful, except for that pesky rain. Hannah and Mallorie went to school with their umbrellas happy as clams because they wouldn't have to run at PE. Well rested from yesterday. All they did was play outside with their friend and rest.* Gasp* They got to Don't tell anyone, ok!? I wouldn't want some one finding out that they weren't doing work or cleaning or something. Truth be told, I didn't do much either and felt great today.

Tomorrow, however, will be another busy day and Ava and I will be running errands and trying to come up with the most clever costumes imaginable. At this point, Hannah is good with being the Chiquita Banana girl, Ava will be a turtle and we think Mallorie will be a Fairy that she got last year from NanaK. She got the costume last year, but after Halloween, so she couldn't wear it. We tried it on today and it's a little short, but if we put tights with it, it'll be adorable. I told her I'd do her hair and make-up really wild and she was all excited! I love dressing them up for Halloween. It's like they get to pretend and be all fancy for a night. I especially like that Halloween is a Saturday, so that means they'll get to dress up Friday for school and then again on Saturday for trick-or-treating. They'll love that.

Tomorrow Ava turns 8 MONTHS OLD!!! I can't believe it. I say that every month. Sometimes I even say it every day. It truly does amaze me how fast this tiny human is growing. I guess this time around I am trying to savour every minute with her because she might be my last baby and it seems to be going by so fast! I can't complain though. She's so smart and happy and now that she likes to joke around with us, we are constantly laughing at her. Tonight we've been working on clapping. She's got it! She's also been waving her arm at people when they leave or come around. We're pretty sure she's waving because it's the only time she does it. She also let go of the seat she was holding last night while standing. It was only for a second and we don't think she knew she let go, but she stood. I will honestly tell you I am NOT ready for that part. Crawling has been and is a challenge. Mobile babies don't like limits and she will only be worse once she starts walking. Oh my, this is all happening so fast!!!

Mallorie is doing so much better. I don't know why or what happened, but she has done a 180 from the first few weeks of school. She read tonight for 20 minutes without a fight and is getting her homework done so fast that I don't think it's challenging for her at all! What a blessing. I was dreading this year with her attitude at the beginning of the year, but now I know it will be okay.

Hannah is having a bit of a hard time remembering to bring home all of her homework and has been dealt detention twice. It's only 15 minutes and only if you forget some of your math. I don't think it will happen again though. She gets punished at home if she gets detention at school and the home detention is not at all fun. Last week, she lost all privileges for outside and computer playtime. It was horrible! Her homework gets done after a long evening of her being constantly distracted by anything and everything you can imagine. One day there was a fly and she watched it fly all over the living room, kitchen and dining room. Sometimes it's the train. Other times it's just a bird outside. We're working on it, but I know how she feels, so it's difficult for me to know how to deal with it, since I did the same thing as a kid. She'll get it.

As I've been typing this, Ava was playing around in the floor, crawling all over the place. Rusty was also on his computer. We look up and here is what we saw: Oh yes! She's a little monster who destroys everything she can get her fat little baby hands on! She eats only paper (guess she needs fiber), tears up the girls' homework and pulls everything down that is within arms reach. When she was really small, I said that I wasn't going to go crazy and babyproof the whole house, but I have recently rethought that whole stance. It's more work not to babyproof!!

I have to go put her to bed now, but I'll be back tomorrow with her 8 month pic and some shots of Hannah and Mallorie. I think we are heading off to a fun destination tomorrow evening and I can't wait! Hopefully Hannah will be able to get her homework done quickly tomorrow.

Have a wonderful day tomorrow and remember me in my fight against home-terrorizing babies!!

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Anonymous said...

I'm loving the rain. But love it while it lasts. it's going to be up in the 80s again for the next two weeks!

And just when I was breaking out the sweaters T_T