Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Crew

I was lucky to catch this pic yesterday. She was playing in the dining area and started peaking through the chairs at me. I thought, aww, she loves her mommy so much.

Aww, now she wants to show me how easily she is pulling up.

So sweet! So, I walked around to the other side and discovered why she really wanted to pull up on that chair.

What a toot! She didn't care a bit about me, she just wanted the green hair.
btw: Take a look at those little chunks we call legs. They're all muscle though, you know.

It's great seeing my girls love one another. I think Mallorie will be the one to keep Ava in line when she's a kid and teen. She loves her so much, but if she gets on her nerves, she has no problem telling her to be quiet or, in no uncertain terms, to shut it!
Hannah on the other hand is so sensitive. If she even hears Ava crying for more than thirty seconds she comes running. She always gets mad at Rusty and I for not picking her up faster.
Um, ok. So I hate to show my imperfect side. I mean, yes, we all have one, but you hate to talk about them. Especially when they make you look so dumb, but here you go:
Mallorie's teacher came to me and asked me if I'd like to go ahead and get together and discuss my issues with Mallorie at home. The issue being her not wanting to do her homework and sometimes throwing fits. I was so happy that she asked and made an appointment with her for after school on Monday.
Monday came and went. I remembered Monday night. Ugh! So embarrassing!!
I sent her a note Tuesday morning basically begging her forgiveness,ha. Really, I am so embarrassed and I am not one to normally forget stuff like that, but I guess we all forget sometimes.
Hopefully she will give me another chance. She is pretty awesome, so I am sure she will, but I feel like I owe her big time! I know they don't want to stay after school waiting on some flake mom. Even though I am not a flake, I certainly acted like one.
But....for some strange reason, Mallorie has been doing her homework so well for the last week. I don't know if she finally realized that her homework was super easy or just decided she needed to step it up, but she's doing well. I hope it stays that way. We shall see!
I had to post this picture of Hannah. Minus the green hair, she looks so much like Rusty's kid pictures. Sometimes I can't help but laugh when I look at her because it's like looking at Rusty when we were kids.
I know I said it last time, but Ava finally has her four teeth in. All the way. Phew! That was a stressful last week. Now that she can also crawl, she finds all kinds of things to teeth on.
My computer.
Rusty's Playstation controller.
Any wires that are out. (for the computer or playstation)
Hannah and Mallorie's backpacks.
She pushes the buttons on my computer too, but I just think that is too funny. She reaches over while I am typing just so she can touch the keyboard too.
Oops! She got caught!!
This post has taken me all day to do. I am only able to finish it now that Rusty is home to play with Ava. She is non-stop all day. When she naps, it's only for about 30 minutes. And during that short time today, I was going through all the clothes in the house trying to get rid of all the stuff we no longer want or can wear. Not too difficult, but, with the amount of clothes we have, it is cumbersome!!
I have also purged Ava's baby stuff and I can't believe the stuff she is already done with. I am so thankful that I had so many girlfriends that had girls that handed stuff down to me! What a blessing!!!
Wednesday I am off the meet with my friends for a little bit of social activity. I am beginning to worry that my brain is getting mushy only talking to a baby and kids all day. I need some adult convo fast!
Friday night is Bunco. My Mom is going to play with us as a sub. This should be fun! It's also pirate themed, so I am going to black out her tooth, give her an eye patch and make her say Arrrr all night. I can't wait! Ha, I'll make sure and get blackmail pictures.
I hope you have a wonderful rest of the week. Be blessed.

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I LOVE these pics! Can't wait to see you all. Love MOM