Sunday, August 30, 2009

Park Day

Sorry for not posting for so long. I'm working on a good one for Monday morning. Well, I hope it's good. So far it just looks as though I like hearing, er, reading, myself talk.

Saturday was so nice. It is extremely hot here..90's instead of sitting in a hot house all day, we went to a new park. This was so much fun. Hannah and Mally played for a good hour and Ava lied on her blanket...or grass, and had a ball.

In the next few pictures I will narrating the conversation between Ava and Rusty. Please use different voices to get the full effect:

Ava: Daddy, please play with me. Please.
Rusty: No, I come to the park to relax and not entertain you mean children. Find something to do one your own.

Ava: Fine, hmmm..what's this soft green stuff. I see it everywhere, but would like to learn more.
Rusty: Dumdeedummm, snore....
Ava: Oooh, this is better than I could have imagined. If I grab it just right, it comes right out of that yucky brown stuff. I think Mommy calls it dirt.
Rusty: yawn. *singing* I'm the coolest dad ever with my gangsta Blackberry and white golf shoes...oh yeah!

Ava: Mmmmmm, tastes delicious. Oh, man, why doesn't mom serve this for dinner? Man, I've never tasted anything like it!
Rusty: Oh My Gosh...NO Ava!

I may or may not have painted Rusty in the best light during this commentary, but it was only for the purpose of boosting my self esteem. Incase you are wondering...Yes, I am fine with this shallow attempt at making Rusty look bad to make me look better. Kidding people! Sheesh..

On to the rest of the park. No we weren't at the park in my home town. Rusty found us a park that has the exact same rocket ship slide(different color if memory serves me correct) that he and I grew up sliding down. Metal slide and all. (Big Plus: Not in the ghetto)
They also had a lot of other playground equipment that was in parks and in playgrounds during the 80's. Metal equipment everywhere. It made me nastalgic, remembering the feel of the hot metal slides on my shorts wearing legs. The way it burned so bad, but the draw of sliding so fast down the slide outweighed the pain. Ah, memories.

Hannah and Mallorie thought this was great. Until they reached the top. I barely got this picture. They said it was swaying. Whatever. I told them they were wimps. They didn't care.

Friday evening we went to a little church festival where I set up a table to sell some of my crafts. It was SO HOT! 100 degrees when we got there. The sun thankfully set soon after we arrived and the temp went way down, but yikes! Ava got to try her first snow cone. She must have loved it because everytime I took it away to get a bite for myself, she screamed at me. She didn't even lick it, she just sat there with her mouth sitting on it. My goodness she's cute!
They had free face painting. So if you guess that Mallorie went totally girly and Hannah did not, then you guessed right. She said that this particular face painting was supposed to come with pink and glitter in your hair, but she hates pink and didn't want any of that. I asked her what color shirt she was wearing. She said nothing.
Mallorie called her's Rainbow Butterfly. This is so her. It was also very pretty. And when she woke up this morning, she was wearing Rainbow Eyebrows!
Okay, so I am working on a post. All about my girls. My big girls. I will try to never go so long without posting again.
I will leave you with a picture of Mallorie outside of our house tonight. It was so hot in the house so we were just trying to find things to do outside even in the dark. We went for a walk, watered the lawn. The kids rode their scooters for a while. Then when they were putting them up, they came accross this shopping cart. No, it isn't ours. It was in the garage when we moved in and the landlord doesn't want it. I don't know what to do with it. It's too big for the garbage man.
Anyway, it made me laugh. She was pushing it back and forth infront of our house. How EMBARRASSING! But funny too. Gotta love kids!
Please note that all of these pictures were taken with my phone's camera. It does do an ok job, but the graininess is driving me bonkers! I will try to remedy that soon!
Have a blessed week.

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Anonymous said...

Excuse me...are you sure you didn't make a quick trip to Paris?
That is the SAME metal rocketship ...however, I think you are right - the one in Paris is red & orange I think. Memories! A hot metal slide on the back side of your legs is not something you forget. Great pics. Looks like Ava is getting nourishing meals. Hannah & Mallie haven't changed..Hannah always the ghoulish scars & blood; Mallorie loves her butterflies. Sarah, thanks for the up dated blog & pics/Much love Mom & Dad