Tuesday, August 4, 2009

So You Say I Ramble?

Monday. Is there anything else I need to say for this post?

Well, I think I should atleast give you a little something. Maybe I'm hormonal. OR maybe I have just been staying up way too late. I couldn't form complete sentences today. Nor could I think of words I wanted to say. I was super frustrated with everything. Everything in my kitchen I touched was sticky. Sticky with brown spots. Rusty made tea the other day and poured in the pitcher and the pitcher busted. Green tea went everywhere. He assumed he cleaned it all up. Apparently he didn't . It somehow got in our dishwasher all over the clean dishes and in our kitchen junk drawer. YUCK!! That just started the whole ticked off aggravated someone give me a break kind of day!

I realized that I was going nuts and had to get out of the house. I needed, and I mean desperately needed some fresh produce! After a trip to Sprouts for some fruits and veggies all was better! I love going to Sprouts. It's like a Whole Foods, but with great prices. It's like a Farmer's Market without the horrible crowds and greasy food cooking at the opposite end of the market. It smells like produce. I could go on, but I'll save you the boring reasons why I wish I could live there. Oh! Another amazing thing that happened at Sprouts...Ava sat in the cart. I cleaned it and covered the area she would have mouth access to and she sat in there almost the entire time. Until the end. She was sleepy and wanted Mommy. Who am I kidding. She always wants mommy!

We got home and Mallorie and Hannah started in on the fussing stuff again. SO, I stopped it in it's tracks! They are so helpful all the time, but when they start fussing, it's just all I can do not to just...nevermind. I'll let it go.

Mallorie helped me cook dinner. She chopped green onions and garlic to which we added to ground and seasoned turkey and stuffed into WonTons. YUMMY! Hannah fed Ava some summer veggies baby food and played with her. I gave her wontons as payment. She didn't complain. We also had steamed veggies and then I actually made a dessert. Shocker! But it was a non sugary fattening dessert. It was this yummy boxed brownie recipe from Trader Joe's that you mix with non-fat vanilla yogurt and it tastes unbelievable! I added pistachios to the top and boy they were good!

I took no pics today. I was too hormonal, I mean frustrated! I have a Cookie Lee party at my house Friday night for all the women at the church. I am doing hors d'oeuvres. Only! No dinner. That would be too much. I also found a cool recipe for Cherry Limeade that I want to make and serve to these NeverHadSonicInThereLives Women. You have to feel sorry for them! I'll share everything on my recipe blog after I make it and it turns out good! I am scouring Pioneer Woman's blog and The Food Network for great recipes! So far it looks like stuffed mushrooms, fresh fruit, cookies, some kind of veggie, and that's as far as I've gotten. It sounds like a lot, but I am not doing anything that can't be prepared several hours in advance! If you have any ideas or suggestions, please feel free to post them for me!

So, I'm really amazed and appreciative if you've read this entire post. I do infact realize that it was just a bunch of rambling, but I felt the need to ramble. Hope you have a great day and I promise to take some pictures today of my little munchkins!


Olson Family said...

LOVE sprouts....they had them in Frisco/Plano and I went there weekly! On Wednesdays they had double coupon day! Best prices on produce for sure!

Tina said...

I've had those days!!
I think stuffed tomatoes would be good, easy...and seasonal :)
Have fun!!