Monday, November 10, 2008

Day At The Beach

Well, my camera is broken....boooo! The lense won't open or close correctly, I guess I'll need to find a camera shop to take it to and get that thing fixed!

So I have to use my phone to get pictures, they're pretty good for a phone, but once I send them to my computer I can't rotate, zoom, or "fix" anything, so what I took is what I get. I think I can edit my pics on my phone, but I haven't figured out how yet. Anyway, I took a few today of the girls at the beach, but I can't rotate them, so I only have a few to share.

I wanted to show my view on the beach today. There were so few people there, only a few surfers and moms with little ones, so it was a great beach day. I think the high for temp. was like 68 today, and we didn't wear swimsuits. They had a lot of fun just playing in the sand. Plus there was a large break off point where the water had come to last night at high tide so there was about a 3 foot drop for the girls to jump off of. Mallorie even carved a chair in the sand in the break place which was really cool. They also buried a few Barbies and beanie babies. Thankfully we found them all before we left.Beach Barbie and the pretty unicorn made for great beach buddies!

This was our view when I looked to the left. Notice, there was no one there hardly at all. It wasn't quite cold enough to shiver, but way too cold to play in the water. The girls were out of school for Veterans Day and will be out tomorrow just because. Trust me, I am so happy about this. I am so happy to sleep in late and not get dressed 'til noon. I think we'll go to a local park tomorrow after lunch and work on their room. It's a wee bit messy!!

And here was our view just looking out at the ocean. This, and this alone makes me love living here. If there were no beaches here, I would be even more willing to leave. I would definitely miss the beach and ocean. Sometimes our ocean gets pretty polluted here, but for the most part it is decently clean and our local beach is pretty taken care of.

Another amazing thing about today, the dolphins were everywhere. There must have been a large school of fish swimming through while we were there because the dophins were going back and forth and the birds above were diving in the water and getting so excited! We always love seeing the dolphins, sometimes they even jump which is exciting. You can just sit and watch them all day.

I really enjoyed hanging out with the girls today, they were so sweet. Sometimes the laziest days are so much fun.

Hope everybody had a nice weekend and has a productive week.

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