Saturday, November 22, 2008

Christmas Wish Lists

Okay, so I still haven't taken my camera to get fixed so I thought I would share the Wish Lists that the girls made this week. They are hillarious.

While we were at Panera Bread the other day after school I asked to girls to name me what they wanted for Christmas.

Mallorie's Christmas List
Aladin Doll
Digital Camera
"fake" American Girl Doll ( I guess the new American girl doll needs a friend)
Shoes (boots)
Toy Reindeer
Diamond (a big red diamond)
Soft Pillow
Fake Bird

Hannah's wish list
Loaf of Bread (no I am not kidding)
Baby dolls
Aladin Doll
Cinderella & Prince Charming
Dress up dress
Animals (in a container)

This is the most hillarious Christmas Lists we have ever heard. We thought Hannah would ask for all kinds of stuff like a Wii or a DS or maybe a computer. These are things she talks about getting all the time, but when it came time for the list to be made, she went humble! So for Christmas everyone is getting her a real loaf of bread. She has the sense of humor to think it'll be really funny. As for Mallorie's big red diamond. Her future husband better have a good job!

I'll leave you with a cute pic of the girls I took on my cell phone. Have a great weekend!

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The Price Family said...

well our moving is going slow! we havnt really decided what we are going to do we keep changing our minds. we know we are going to roxton though. we just dont know if we want to move a trailer house down there or go another route! i cant waitto see yall either! i will put your number n my phone right now!