Saturday, July 19, 2008

Time for a new post!

My goodness, it's been a long time since I posted. In the past month we went on vacation, moved into our new house (still unpacking, yikes), and some other big stuff is going on as well. We'll get to that later. First off, Happy Independence Day. I know it's late, but I still want to say it.
So we went to Prescott, Arizona for vacation. Sound random? Well, if you're kinda nerdy and like a lot of nature then you should hit it up. Sure it was a little hot, but it is beautiful. There is so much undisturbed nature there and a lot of Native American ruins around. We got to visit three or four different ruins and by far this was our favorite. I cannot remember the name of the tribe this is, but it was the least disturbed by present people. We went inside of these "homes" and I was amazed at how cool they were. Really interesting.
This is out of order, but I thought this picture of Mallorie in the bathtub at our vacation rental was too cute not to post.

Here is another ruins area where there was a lot of wall art. I was amazed with all the different paintings and trying to figure out what each thing was. The kids really liked trying to figure them out.

Check out the hands. Those belong to someone! I guess they blew their "paint" over their hands to make this. Cool.
This one might be hard to see, but it's just a wall full of art. The hubs and the kiddos. This is a lot of what we did while on vacation, well when Rusty and my dad weren't trying to make us crazy taking us on scary trails in the four wheel drive. Hiking and walking, so much fun. We were always worn out after this all day.
Here's my "special sister". She was just begging to have her picture taken. I obliged.
The next topic that I need to bring up is when 6 year olds steal their mommy's camera. This happens all the time with Mallorie. When I get my camera and upload pictures to my computer, this is what I find. I always laugh and sometimes her pictures are so good, I don't remember if I took it or if she did. She loves taking pictures and I am really okay with that. Here are what sometimes end up on the camera....I know I didn't take these:
And I hope y'all aren't scarred after this, but yikes! Andn just look at the food particles on the sides of her mouth and those awesome neck rolls. I love 'em!
More news on Wednesday...stay tuned!

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