Thursday, July 24, 2008


Oops, I meant to post this yesterday, but I guess while I was perfectly keeping up with all of my duties of a housewife I forgot to post. So, here we go.

We decided that after the awful miscarriage that we suffered back in March that we wanted to give pregnancy another shot. Apparently we got pregnant again sometime in May and are now due Feb. 14th! How cute, the day 'o love! Rusty is so excited and so am I, but I must admit I am still a little on the anxious side. I had a sonogram yesterday and actually saw it, arms, legs and heart beating. I couldn't stop staring, but I guess I still feel like not getting to excited until I know everything is a-okay! I was kind of pathetic at the doctors office yesterday because they said the US tech wasn't in and I would have to come back Thursday or Friday to have the sonogram.........I started crying........not the ugly fit throwing crying, but tearing up and turning red kind of crying. They felt sorry for me and said well let us see if we can just get you in a room and take a look. They understood where I was coming from because if you remember from the miscarriage, I was having all the symptoms of pregnancy, but no baby was growing in the uterus.
Anyway, there is a baby. We'll get to find out what it is in about 10 weeks and trust me I will let you know. I am a planner and want to know what sex I am going to decorating for! So yay! Pray for us and the health of this baby, I know God is taking care of it all for me! Love ya all.


ashleyanthony said...

yay, sarah! i am so happy for you and rusty.

sbeudy said...

Grats! Hope everything goes good for you and the baby.

Olson Family said...

yay! we'll be praying:) tell your family hello!

Tina said...

I had an itch that's what you were going to post after reading your last entry ;-) CONGRATULATIONS!! I know quite a few love day babies and they are by far some of my funniest friends :-) good luck and can't wait to hear more details!!