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Okay, so here we go, this post is going to be a whopper. I haven't posted in what seems like forever so I have a lot of catching up to do. Please know that these posts aren't in chronological order. I tried to make them that way, but I couldn't find some pics and had to post them later when I finally found them, plus, I can't honestly remember which ones came first on some of them. So, you get what you get! Hope you enjoy, I know it won't take you nearly as long to go through them all as it did for me to post them, but this post is still pretty gargantuan!

Hannah got to compete in the school science fair this year so her project was how lemons can convert energy to turn on a light bulb. We didn't win, but she had a lot of fun making it with her dad. (well, maybe Rusty had more fun that she did, he likes electricity more than any of us girls)

Here is Miss Hannah with some of her schoolmates waiting to watch the Dinosaur 3-D Movie at the IMAX. So much fun!

Hannah got called up to try out the static electricity, which all the kids thought was hilarious. Since her hair was so short it got up pretty high.

I didn't get a good picture of the girls together for Easter, so the week after we got one of them after we ate lunch at Olive Garden, they looked so pretty and there were new ducklings in the little pond that we had to go check out!

Here Jenn and I are posing in some fake, and may I say awful, Chanel sunglasses...we were having a purse party for our women's ministry group and Jenn and I decided to model. I know we look AMAZING! It's something we just can't help....

I got a pic of Becky posing in front of a little church that had a sign on it saying it was built in 1872! It was so gorgeous and kept in pristine condition.

My trip to Louisiana this year was such a blast. All we did was shop, shop and eat. It was quite horrible, but that didn't stop us. The weather was strangely cool and we took advantage of that. Every time I go to Lafayette to see Becky, I am shocked by not only how beautiful it is there, but by how much there is to do, and the artistic community is so great. Plus, antiquing is phenomenal!!

This is where Becky and I hang out for almost an entire day. It completely reminds us of Aaron Parker, where we went to elementary school in Powderly, but without any updates...back in the 80's! The shopping is so much fun. I didn't buy a whole lot this year, but we had fun finding some unbelievable deals. Becky got a really old table for her front porch for TWO BUCKS! and I found some more antique perfume bottles that I had been collecting and spent a grand total of $8. The same bottles here in LA cost between $10 and $30. This is why I shop in the south! Oh and by the way, when we leave this place out bodies are so worn out and sore, we are pretty much worthless the rest of the day!

I snapped Becky doing what she does best, deal shopping. I think she bought a neat magnet here, or something, I can't remember at this point.

I know this is best picture of me. It's what I call, interested. I don't know what I was holding, but it make Becky laugh and looking at it, I know why! Geez, it disgusting, I don't know why I am making this face. I probably shouldn't have posted it, but whatever.

So, now we're even. This is Becky giving her best Chipper Soccer Mom look. I can't wait till she reads this post!

Okay, so now on our latest outreach. Rusty is a lot of stuff in our church. He's in the band, teaches Sunday school and leads our churches Mayday Ministry and he is the Outreach Leader. When we lived in Kansas, the church we went to did a gas buy down every year and it was a huge event that enabled them to minister to so many people and share Christ's love. We brought it with us to California and it has become a hit. This is the second time we've done it here. The first time was Christmas 2006 and now we just did this one. What happens is that we raise a certain amount of money and go to the gas station of choice. This particular one is owned by our local mayor and he is great about letting us hold our annual even here. We buy down the gas as much as we can for 1 hour (longer if we still have money left over when the hour is up). This year we bought the gas down 30 cents and then Mayor Scotto bought it down another 10cents. So what started out at $3.79, was brought down to $3.39 for one whole hour. The cars were lined up down the block and several people call their whole family and get them up there to fill up their cars with cheaper than usual gas. (trust me, we haven't seen gas this cheap in I don't remember how long!)

My friend Jenn again, showing one of the many ways we serve the customers as they get their gasoline. This whole outreach is all about serving others. For those that help out they leave feeling good about themselves and pumped because they see how easy it can be to minister to complete strangers without that uncomfortable silence thing going on. And almost all the customers are grateful and don't mind letting you talk with them about what and why we are doing this.

Rusty doing what he does best. When he is out there talking to people he is on another level. He gets so pumped. Everyone who pulls up to the pump has a smile on their faces after talking to him. This is definitely not my strong suit, I am better just taking the pictures an washing the windows. I get all tongue twisted and nervous when I have strike up the conversations, but not Rusty, he is amazing. It's fun to see how God gives each of us a different gift!

In this picture, I'm just trying to show how busy the gas station was. I don't know that you can see, but the cars were lined up just waiting to get their tanks topped off.

If you click on this picture it might get big enough for you to see, I am showing you the price it was (closest to the camera) and what we bought it down to. $3.79 to $3.39...awesome!

Since I missed posting Easter Pictures, here we go. We spent Easter Sunday first at Church and then we went to some friends for lunch and Easter Egg hunting. They are in the middle of remodeling so the outside of their house isn't safe for hunting so we did it inside. It helped that their house was ginormous. We hid the eggs all upstairs and the kids went to town. Sorry I didn't get a pic of the girls together, or for that matter of all of us together.

Hannah is telling someone they can't have any of her candy.

Mallorie, apparently she needs two hands to carry her loaded basket.

Hannah searching in one of the rooms. There were eggs everywhere.

Before we ate the kids took off for the candy. I think they had it all found within 5 minutes!

Mallorie remembering to check above all doors.

I couldn't help but to aggravate the kids, especially this little guy. He acts just like Hannah in the boy form and he is a riot. As soon as he saw this picture he started screaming because he thinks girls still have "cooties" and he didn't think I should be in his picture.

See why I have to pick on him, he makes it too easy!

Saturday we signed up to compete in an All City Track meet. The girls actually wanted to do it and we were so excited. I love that feeling in the air of sporting events early in the morning. Their is just a buzz going on and you can just feed off of it. Mallorie competed in the 50m and 100m. Hannah did the 50m, 100m and Long Jump. That was the maximum allowed for kids under 2nd grade. They didn't win any races, but they tried their hardest and finished every race and that is the most important thing. They also had a lot of fun, well, at first anyway. Hannah got mad because her friend Taylor went with us and she placed first in one race and third in another and got to stand on the podium and be announced. Well, Hannah was not happy at all that she didn't win, so she cocked a little attitude. Eventually Rusty took her aside when we couldn't handle it anymore and talked to her about being a good sport and that not everyone has the same talents. How God gives everybody a talent and you have to try lots of different things out to find what you are really good at. Hannah thinks she will be a great swimmer and softball player. I tend to agree and hope she will try hard and just have fun and do her best!

Here is Mallorie on the starting line for the 50 meter.

Hannah doing the long jump.

A shot of Hannah whizzing by during the 100 meter.

Miss Mallorie being cheered on by her daddy in the background during the 100 meter.

Hopefully this video will work for you. Sorry I don't know how to flip it yet. I'll get this stuff mastered eventually.

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