Friday, June 3, 2011


We headed down to the deer lease the other day to take a look around since the girls and I hadn't been out there since the colder months when the vegetation was thinner. It was so pretty and lush and I wanted to see where Rusty was going to put his deer stands. The question has also been hanging in the air about me and the girls possibly going down there to hunt with him occasionally.  
Judging by the tracks that we came across, I am not feeling too confident about heading out there, especially in the dark of morning to be in nature with BEARS! We knew they were out there, but when we saw tracks all over the main "road" then I got just a bit more nervous. They say that the black bear isn't as aggressive as other bears, but I don't think I want to find out. AND, the other day we were watching a stupid Sasquatch show on some channel and they were looking at tracks on a deer lease just north of where Rusty is going to be hunting. I don't even believe they exist and I am scared. It's so stupid, but I promise you that if I went out there with Rusty he'd find a way to make me believe we just heard one or saw one. It would be a whole lot of ridiculous-ness!
Can you believe how red the dirt is here? I always heard about Georgia's red dirt in old country songs, but never gave much thought to it. Let me tell ya, it's true! It stains your tires and gets all over your shoes. But it is pretty and fun to find fresh tracks in!
We drove a while on one side of the lease and then headed over to the other side to another entrance and found so many tracks on that side as well. Mostly deer, bear and coyote, but there was some kind of cat print that I am unsure of. The thing we didn't see was hog prints. They other guys told Rusty that they hardly ever see any wild hogs up there which is a great relief to me, those things are mean! The print below is of a buck deer next to Rusty's hand. That sucker is big and his tracks were deep. We saw deer prints everywhere and I could tell Rusty was a little bit excited!
So excited that he got his bow out right then and started practicing. I'm kidding, sort of, ha.
This next shot is MY hand next to a bear track. Rusty thought this was his hand when we were looking at the pictures. I think that means I need some work done, ha! Seriously, it's time for some nails. And I don't wear a wedding ring because when we moved I guess I hit my ring hard and my diamond got knocked loose and eventually came out. I found it, but I haven't taken it to get fixed yet.  

However, I thought the bear track was pretty cool. I have never seen one before. This is the second set of bear tracks we found on the other side of the lease and they were smaller than the first set we found that you see up top next to the truck tire. Maybe it was a cute, snugly, cuddly baby bear.....yeah right.
And of course our chauffeur for the day. Oh my she was sassy, but good the whole time, even taking a nap in the cool a/c of the truck. After that we went to the dealership just to see what kind of used cars they might have. This always happens. Only this time we came home with a pickup. That does not always happen. We couldn't believe it and now our house is starting to look like a Toyota dealership, haha. Rusty is so happy to have found a 4wheel drive and I was happy that it wasn't a junk truck that he was going to have to work on every weekend which is what we had been looking at on Craig's List  Anyway, our three day weekend ended up being a lot of fun. We have family coming this weekend and are looking forward to cooking out and showing them around.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and are able to stay cool. It's stinkin' HOT here, we hit 99 the other day. We go to the pool early and stay only a couple of hours because I can only handle it so long before I am drenched in sweat, yuck! After that it's the a/c or a free movie morning for us.

Oh, and lest I forget, Mallorie got her cast off yesterday and is so thankful, but still pretty sore. She's been putting her wrist brace back on to make herself feel better, but the doctor said it would take about a week to feel strong and stop being stiff. Hopefully Ibuprofen and some tlc will help her finish healing.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, NO snake pics! I think you have the prettiest chauffeur. But then I heard Hannah can now drive so she can drive us to the lake! haha. Can't wait. Mallie, get that wrist strong & well so we can go boating & tubing. See you soon. Love MOM aka MiMi

heathshirley10 said...

Haha Rusty, you practicing with your bow so you can actually shoot better than me when i come down. Haha DOUBT IT!!!!!!